A Case of the Mondays

First thing this morning, I got into it with an anonymous stranger online about something I never anticipated becoming a thing. It escalated until I turned into a royal bitch and told her that I hope she enjoys the view from the high road. She promptly left the group afterward, leaving me feeling a strange mix of victorious and guilty. I should have just left it alone. I know better than to get into it with strangers on the internet.

In the midst of that, my in-laws arrived at my house 90 minutes early and woke Charlotte up from her nap despite being told that she would be napping at that time. My mom babysits on Mondays, so she had to deal with the crazy barking dogs and the screaming baby who was rudely awakened by said barking. I felt bad for my mom, plus I was so angry at my in-laws for not following our (pretty clear?) instructions so I totally went off on my wife because WHY CAN’T YOUR PARENTS EVER LISTEN. We’d been having a really great couple of day until I blew this particular fuse and now my wife is thoroughly pissed off at me.

As a result of all of this anger, I pumped about 3 ounces less than usual.

I have two blisters on my left foot because I decided to wear some shoes that I haven’t worn in ages on the same day that I decided I’m going to start the FitBit challenge that makes sure you get up off your ass during the workday and walk.

Now I don’t want to go home because although my baby girl is there and I want nothing more than to collapse into a heap with her, my in-laws will be there vying for her attention along with my pissed off wife.

Please send chocolate. And wine.


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