Thirteen Months

Yesterday morning, I spent a good fifteen minutes picking Charlotte up, holding her upside down and then flipping her upright and returning her to the floor. She laughed and laughed and kept demanding that I do it again… and again… and again. How could I say no? Nothing makes me happier than making this little girl smile. She laughs, I laugh with her, and in that moment it feels like we are invincible. Our life has never been so full of joy and silliness.

Walking has been the biggest development this month. She started really taking independent steps on her birthday and kept going until there was no stopping her. She is now a force to be reckoned with.

At thirteen months, curiosity is ruling the roost. Everything must be touched, tasted and explored. Walking is helping her with her explorations and she toddles from one mystery to the next without a hint of fear.

Meltdowns are happening more frequently these days—usually involving crocodile tears, flailing limbs, and stomping feet. The best way to snap her out of it? Elmo. Dog save us. The moment she hears that voice she snaps to attention, and in an instant, the worst is behind us.


She has stopped waving hello and goodbye and replaced that gesture with blowing kisses. She blows kisses when she catches her first glimpse of her grandparents on Facetime, reaffirming her status as Master Manipulator. She knows precisely when to lay on the cute.


Everything round is a ball. When she wakes up, you’re pretty much guaranteed that the first word out of her mouth is going to be ball. We spend a lot of time trying to encourage her to say anything other than ball. Some words that we’ve been successful with recently are dog, hi, bye, bottle, and bubbles. Yesterday, she said mama for the first time. When she’s hungry or sees food, she says yum yum. If you point to a dog or a ball in a book, she will correctly identify them.

The Cozy Coupe is pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you ask her if she wants to go for a ride in her car, she starts making car sounds (basically blowing raspberries.) She also makes car sounds when she sees the car puzzle piece in a wood puzzle she has. We take her for a ride around the block in her car daily, and she makes her little car sounds as she rides along holding the steering wheel. The night before her first birthday (and party), Catch and I sat on the driveway in the dark struggling through our total exhaustion to assemble that car. It was totally worth it. She LOVES her Cozy Coupe.

Food has been one of my biggest challenges with this kid. Everything is so hit-or-miss. I spend hours in the kitchen on the weekends trying to prep healthy breakfasts and lunches for her for the week, and about 75% of the time, my efforts are futile and she won’t touch it. Dinners are the same. She gets whatever we’re eating for dinner and we’re usually lucky if she’ll eat 3 bites. Last week I said screw it and bought her Trader Joe’s silver dollar pancakes and a package of spinach & cheese tortellini and she ate like she has never eaten before. It’s not like she’s living off of pop tarts, but I hate that she only wants to eat processed foods. I’m a good cook! What’s wrong with mama’s meals?! Sigh.

Sleep still eludes us. I’m up with her an average of 3-4 times a night. Let’s just not talk about it.


Teething has been absolutely brutal this month. She has ten teeth right now, and I’m pretty sure #11 is going to show its face any day. I feel like she is ALWAYS teething, and if you consider that she got her first tooth at 5 months and has ten now at 13 months—well, that’s a lot of teeth and it basically means she is always teething. Blueberry popsicles help. (Next time, mom is going to make something less messy!) Ibuprofen helps too. Lately, we have a blueberry popsicle while we wait for the ibuprofen to kick in.


Even in my sleep-deprived fogginess, I am hyper aware of how magical this age is. She is discovering her world and finding her voice. It’s so amazing to watch. I wish I could remember every second.


20 thoughts on “Thirteen Months

  1. So cute!!! The food has suddenly become an issue with us for Noah. He only wants what he wants when he wants it. Today, his favorite thing in the world is bananas. Tomorrow, it’s as if bananas were the plague. We never know what he’s gonna want…soooo like dumbasses be offer him options…we already know how that goes! And poor Charlotte has literally been teething 3/4 of her life…how is that even possible?!? Oh mamas, I hope the sleep and the teeth all get better quickly (i’m sure the constant teething has a lot to do with this!).

    • The food thing is SO HARD. I feel like she’s a bit too young for “don’t like it, tough” but at the same time, I don’t want to cater to her pickiness. I want to wean her, but I’m feeling like I shouldn’t wean her if she’s going to be such a bad eater! She won’t drink regular milk, so her nutrition has to come from food if it doesn’t come from me. Why do they have to make it so dang hard! I feel like I need to apologize to my mom for every stage of my life.

      • OUr pediatrician said something along the lines of, “If they won’t eat, let them down off the highchair, and when they are hungry again, offer the same thing. They won’t starve, so if they still don’t want it, keep offering it”. which is all fine and dandy, and we HAVE tried it, but when it’s been 5 hours and your child has had a handful of cheerios and 2 bites of a grilled cheese, I’m gonna give them whatever the hell they want. I’m not sure if this is a good thing, or a bad thing :/

      • Ali doesn’t tolerate cows milk, so she had to get everything from food, it’s totally doable. She was totally off formula/boob/cow milk by 12 months, if you want some good tips I’ll gladly share 🙂

  2. So much cuteness!!! But the continual teething, seriously I’m dreading that part of the next year more then anything else. We are 3 teeth into it and I’d give anything for number 4 to be better then number 3!! And food, I’m right there with you!! Every single time we make food he eats it once and then refuses it. But if I buy organic baby foods he eats them like a champ. Seriously, what’s wrong with our cooking?? It’s driving me crazy!

    • The food thing is making me nuts, too. I’m just at a loss. I don’t know whether I should just cater to it in an effort to get her to eat, or if I should just stick to my guns and if she doesn’t like it, tough. And all I have to say about teething involves 4-letter words.

  3. Her food pickiness and sleep reminds me so much of Evelyn. SO much. Evelyn is a picky eater (not even willing to try things most days) and as you know, a horrible sleeper. Solidarity!

    Charlotte is adorable. I think you and Catch need to learn how to sound like Elmo – so you can whip out your best Elmo impersonation and snap her right out of meltdown mode!

    • Having a spirited, independent (stubborn) kid can be sure be rough. I try to tell myself that these personality traits are going to serve her well in life in the future, but they sure make it hard on us mamas in the meantime.

  4. Charlotte is so darn cute. And she has such an expressive face!

    I can’t believe she has ten teeth – Junie just has three, and it still feels like she’s teething all the time. Poor Charlotte. (And poor mamas.) Good thing she has someone to make her blueberry popsicles!

  5. She’s such a doll! We have a fellow Elmo lover over here. “Elbeeee Elbeee” “Elbeeee” non-stop, good lord. Never understood his appeal and now I’m buying Elmo crackers and hiding them in out of reach cabinets for meltdowns. Aaaah, parenthood.

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