No sleep til… Brooklyn? November? What are we looking at here?

Last week after several days of high-ish fevers, Charlotte broke out in a rash. Diagnosis? Roseola.

At the same time, teething kicked into high gear. At her 12-month doctor appointment, the pediatrician informed us that Charlotte has “a lot” of teeth ready to come in and that we’re going to be in for a long couple of months. She was right.

Charlotte already has 9 teeth. In addition to those 9, she has a molar on top that’s partially cut through, and another one on the bottom that is just a mess of lumps under her gums. These teeth are making my poor baby girl absolutely miserable.

It was a long week. Sleep was elusive. Kiddo was grouchy. Moms were exhausted.

Then, when fevers made a reappearance over the weekend, we attributed them to teething. In hindsight, they were kind of high for teething, but that’s the thing about hindsight. Yesterday morning, we were back to full blown Roseola rash again. TWICE IN TWO WEEKS.

Between teething and Roseola, I’ve been up with her almost every hour all night for two weeks. Mama is tired. So tired. Mama is also struggling with some insomnia. I am bone tired, but I just lie there and struggle to fall asleep.

Now, throw my in-laws into the mix because they’ve been here for the last few days.

This morning, my MIL talked over me and repeatedly contradicted me as I was trying to give instructions to the nanny. (It’s her first day back—Catch is back to work now.) If my life were a sci fi novel, lasers would have shot from my eyeballs. Fortunately, that’s not the case and when I get home from work today they will be gone.

Side note: They are always so helpful. They drive me batshit crazy, but they spend their days doing chores and fixing things around our house—I know we are lucky to have them, I just wish they’d back off a smidge when it comes to Charlotte. Dote on her all you want, just leave the parenting to the actual parents and stop with the constant advice. If I have to hear my MIL start one more sentence with, “When you girls (Catch and sister) were babies…” I am going to totally lose my shit. This is not the 1980s. She got the chance to raise her children. Now it’s time for us to raise OUR daughter the way we see fit. AND NO SHE DOES NOT NEED AN OATMEAL BATH FOR HER ROSEOLA FOR THE TEN THOUSANDTH TIME THE RASH DOES NOT BOTHER HER IT’S JUST THERE.


Obviously my patience is thin. Hell, my patience is probably just plain GONE. This was not the best timing for a visit. I am just miserably sleep-deprived and grumpy.

It hasn’t been all bad, though. Here are a few cute videos from the last week so we can end this on a higher note:

Watching Olympic volleyball:

Untitled from Molly on Vimeo.

I think it’s time to take her to Disneyland:

Untitled from Molly on Vimeo.


4 thoughts on “No sleep til… Brooklyn? November? What are we looking at here?

  1. Guess what, we are experiencing the exact same thing, minus the in-laws. The in-laws would probably put me completely over the edge if I had to add that into the insanity that is in our house at the moment.
    Sending you so much love and wishing yo the patience of a saint!

  2. Oh my God. This all sounds so miserable. I’m so sorry, friend. It seems like tne older they get, the harder teething is for them, at least in ansel’s case. I hope light is on the horizon and you get some sleep very soon.

  3. Brilliant and so true – you already raised your kids, so pamper the grandkids but leave the parenting up to you! I just hate hearing how overbearing your I laws are. I’m glad they are also so helpful!

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