The Birthday

charlotte is one

I am a bit sad and majorly relieved to have Charlotte’s birthday behind us. It was exhausting!


(Note to parents everywhere: Don’t wait until the baby is asleep to assemble the Cozy Coupe, or else you will be stuck outside in the dark hammering shit together because you didn’t realize that hammering metal things would be part of the assembly process and that shit is LOUD.)

What a day, though. It was amazing. Our house was SO full of family and friends. It was absolutely insane, and completely perfect (in all its imperfection).


Have you heard about the big wildfire out here in Southern California? Well, it was over 100 degrees here on Saturday and we were right in the line of smoke and ash from that fire. 5 minutes after we set out the table cloths, they were dusted with ash. No bueno. Not to mention that the air quality was terrible.


Basically, that meant that almost everyone squeezed themselves into our living room, dining room and kitchen. Our house is a cozy little thing. 1200 square feet. It was built in 1950 long before cavernous rooms were a thing. Off the top of my head, I’ve counted that we had at least 39 people at our house on Saturday. It was tight!


Charlotte was showered in love. She got so many presents that it took us all weekend to open them all. Some of my favorites were the Unicorn Pony Cycle from my aunt and the Mary Queen of Scots rubber ducky from our Nanny who just returned from Scotland.


The birthday was everything I hoped it would be. We had a ton of help getting everything ready. I got the decorations finished. The food was good. The cake was totally perfect. People showed up… boy did they show up! Charlotte was happy all day. We just couldn’t have wished for a better celebration of Charlotte’s first year.






12 thoughts on “The Birthday

  1. Your party is so reminiscent of what happened to us. We set up outside and it was BOILING (no wildfire though) so in the last ten minutes before everyone was set to arrive we moved everything inside but I didn’t get any decorations up because we were supposed to have a house showing that morning and left the house showing ready for that, and then no one showed. I was so mad. I had spent hours making these tissue paper flowers and it just didn’t happen. And we were crammed in my living, dining room, and kitchen as well.

    All that being said-charlottes party looks so adorable. I’m soooo jealous you actually decorated! I was sad when ours was over but like you, also relieved.

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