Random Thing Thursday

  1. This week, we have owned our house for a full year. I forget sometimes how crazy the few months leading up to Charlotte’s birth actually were—the escrow from hell, the DIY move, the nursery reno nightmare, the fridge that didn’t fit. It was exhausting. Next week, we’re tackling the first major home improvement project since we moved in. Our back yard is a concrete jungle, so we’re ripping out some of the concrete to expand our grass area. Then we’re fencing off part of the grass so that Charlotte has a play space that’s free of dog. It means new sprinklers, all new sod, and actually installing a little white PVC picket fence and gate—fortunately, my FIL is coming to lead the way because we’d be lost otherwise!
  2. Our garden is going crazy right now. I’m thrilled that it’s doing so well because I’ve had very little time to devote to my poor plants. Does anyone have any good kale recipes? We are freaking swimming in kale.

    My wall of tomatoes


    Crookneck squash, poblano peppers, lemon cucumbers and butternut squash


    Kale and our two pumpkins(!)


    An ugly picture of my little herb garden

  3. This is Catch’s first full week of summer vacation, and I am thoroughly enjoying the slower pace. She doesn’t have to rush out of the house at the crack of dawn, so we all get to eat breakfast together and I get to take my time getting ready for work. I could get used to this.
  4. We’re now less than a month away from our Mexico vacation. I’m starting to get excited. I’m still nervous about getting us ready for the trip though. I feel like Charlotte won’t have enough clothes, and I’m terrified of navigating the airport with all of the kid stuff (not to mention the kid).
  5. We need to buy Charlotte her first real pair of shoes. We’ve mostly avoided shoes so far. She had some for her Christmas dress, and she has a pair we use when she plays in her walker out back (yes, we let her use a walker—it’s only maybe 15 minutes every couple of days and it lets us get some things done in the yard) but this kid has spent her life in socks. Now that she’s standing and cruising, it’s time for some real shoes. Any favorites for a super flexible first pair of shoes?
  6. We are back for a visit in Teething Hell. Charlotte cut tooth #7 about a week ago, and tooth #8 is now a raised, swollen bump. I hope to dog we can get this over with soon because mama needs some SLEEP.
  7. I have invitations ready to mail for Charlotte’s first birthday party. Can you even believe that? I am so excited and also totally wrecked. I cannot believe my baby is turning one next month. HOW? When I woke up this morning (after sleeping on the couch with my little teether), Catch had a video pulled up on the computer from September. She was only two months old. I cried.

Lastly, some random photos from the last few weeks…


We let her have a few tastes of strawberry ice cream. Don’t let the face fool you – she freaking LOVED it.


Post-swim nap on mama – the best kind of nap!


I was experimenting with barrettes. She was experimenting with corn on the cob.


11 thoughts on “Random Thing Thursday

  1. We have that pair of chucks that we bought Charlie, but she doesn’t wear them often. I actually have read a few things about foot development in early walkers and it was pretty discouraging of shoes. Now obviously it’s not always possible to go shoe free, but it was something I hadn’t heard before.

    I think this may be one of the only times i’ve heard you excited about your in laws visiting!

  2. Robeez are the go-to first shoe around here. We got ours hand-me-down and moved on to Stride Rite once she hit extended periods of outdoor walking. Now, we mostly get See Kai Run shoes, preferably on sale. Shoes are one of the rare clothing items we are willing to buy new.

  3. I’m so jealous of your climate! My plants could only just be transplanted outside and are so small and spindly still. I have to wait till end of summer for a harvest! Yours looks great!

  4. Your garden looks awesome! I have the black thumb of death and have managed to kill every plant I’ve ever had so I don’t know that I’ll ever decide to do a garden.

    Those pictures – so adorable! I have one similar with myself and an ear of corn when I was little. ❤ BTW I love the chair you take pics in. That's the style I want if I ever get to do a nursery. 🙂

  5. I’m so jealous of your garden right now! We didn’t do one this year bc of Nora, but your garden looks great! My mom makes a killer ham and kale soup. If you’re not a vegetarian I can get you the recipe. Also, she’s a year already?!? Where did the time go?!

  6. My main reason for having a house is a garden, second is yard work and people think I’m crazy but I absolutely LOVE it. I’m certain that I’ll spend thousands of dollars outside of my house before i spend it on the inside! LOL! And wowzers! A year already huh? It feels like your pregnancy announcement was yesterday! As far as shoes are concerned, we had a ton of hand me down shoes for the boys so we put them in those, but we find that they really love their Nike Flex sneakers. They are squishy and the tops are made of almost like a Lycra/Stretchy/Breathable material, so their feet don’t sweat, but they also have a lot of support. Also their Stride Rite sneakers and their New Balances.

  7. I too am so jealous of your garden! Especially the kale a tomatoes.Ours is struggling and it is the most effort we have put into it in years. Maybe that’s the problem 😉

    For shoes, we love See Kai Run. Great shoes and a great company.

  8. We used to buy Pediped for our kids when they were little. Nice and flexible. I believe they fit a little slimmer that SRs.

    Also SO jealous of your garden! Ours plants are just starting to sprout.

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