5 Things on Friday

  1. I have a really hard time these days when people without kids tell me that they’re tired. It takes almost all of my self-restraint not to tell them that they have NO IDEA what tired is and to SHUT THE HELL UP because I haven’t slept in 10 months. (This bullet point was brought to you today by a baby who DID. NOT. SLEEP. last night courtesy of some tummy troubles.)
  2. Baby jail is working out great. It’s seriously the highlight of my week. We have the Pack n Play set up in our bedroom so I can safely contain the Tasmanian Devil while I get dressed for work, and then we have the Pop n Play set up in the living room. Yesterday, she let me put her in the Pop n Play while I cut up her fruit, which meant that I got out of the house ON TIME because I didn’t have to wait for the nanny to arrive to prep her food for the day. Miracles can happen.IMG_0355
  3. I finally bit the bullet last week and ordered Charlotte’s new car seat. After much wavering, I decided on the Clek Fllo. The price tag was significant, but when I realized that I spent more money on Catch’s new iPhone, I got over it. My kid’s safety and my peace of mind are worth more than an iPhone. Right now, the Fllo is sitting on the floor of my living room. The straps and headrest are properly adjusted, but I haven’t had a chance to get it installed in the car so I have no idea whether it actually fits or not. PLEASE LET IT FIT.
  4. My child won’t let me read books to her. She either yanks them out of my hands to chew on them, or she crawls away from me. The only way we can read her books is at bedtime when I hold her and give her a bottle while Catch reads bedtime books, or if she’s completely engaged with a toy and I just start reading. I worry that this is bad. Should I be doing something? I want her to like books for something other than chewing on.
  5. I’ve tried a few times in the past to get Charlotte to eat spaghetti sauce. Admittedly, both times the sauce was from a jar. I’ve been telling people that she just doesn’t seem to like spaghetti sauce. Then, last weekend I made my grandma’s spaghetti sauce. This kid cannot get enough. I kind of love that it had to be grandma’s spaghetti sauce. (This picture was from the beginning of the meal and does not do justice to the mess.)IMG_0361

And a few bonus shots from our week:


12 thoughts on “5 Things on Friday

  1. Ruby Reed, who loves books and reading and words of all kinds, didn’t really do stories at night until she was at least one. it was probably closer to 18 months when we moved on to books with words (goodnight moon) instead of touch and feel books (that’s not my dragon, etc). Soak in the cuddling!

  2. How is she so adorable in every single photo?! I honestly don’t get it! But I love every single photo. 😊
    I am so glad to hear that baby jail is working well! Any thing to keep them safe. And I am with you about spending the money on the right car seat! We chose the britax boulevard in the end because it’s the only one that fits my car well and it has great reviews. I just could not justify buying a new car which would have been required if I were to have bought basically any other seat!

  3. Ansel also wasn’t into books until fairly recently. He would want to chew on them or just throw them. In the last couple of months, he’s started seeking them out on his own and wanting them read. Similar to RR, he currently prefers the touch and feel or lift the flap variety, and is more interested in turning the pages than anything else. So, pretty sure its developmental!

  4. I think that’s pretty normal book behavior for her age and (mostly) all of mine will sit through a story. They sell these indestructible books for babies they can chew, pull, rip, and even bring in the tub! They are more thin like paper which they seem to enjoy – Cordelia and Lucille will entertain board books at 17m but MUCH prefer the paper pages to turn and manage to do so without much wear and tear, literally. 🙂

    Damn, she looks like such a happy, well-loved baby. Those smiles are contagious!

  5. She is soo cute! I literally cheesey-smile every time I see her face. I think she will catch on to books. Just keep trying to read to her. Mine still prefers to whack me with the books that I try reading while she flips through other books on her own. But I keep trying and every now and then we get a page or two in.

    Oh and that tired thing- yup. Hope she sleeps so you can rest.

  6. I am so with you on the tired thing – we have a (childless) friend who always answers the question ‘how are you?’ with ‘I am so tired’ and I want to roll my eyes and walk away. It sounds cold, but our current sleep situation leaves me with very little sympathy for the under-slept who haven’t been under-slept for nine months.

    J was all about eating the books until lately, and now she likes being read to (but will still happily eat a book on her own). She likes books that have a good rhyming rhythm, or particular pictures… Dr. Seuss is a big hit (and the repetition haunts me). I’m sure Charlotte will come around to the books when she’s done exploring every inch of your house! She has such a great smile, that kid.

  7. I agree – Charlotte’s current interactions with books is totally standard behavior for her age. She is such a cutie, and it sounds like she and Julian are similar in their spirited ways. Henry was such a mellow baby, I’m completely off my game with this little tornado. I need to check out this pop and play thing; it sounds like a sanity saver!

  8. Her smile is to die for. Good think, huh! I love that she is selective about tomato sauce! As usual, I can relate to it all – Gia is still a shitty sleeper, I never thought I’d want to contain her but she’s so crazy I have to stick her in her pens and walkers now, and she now reads books by shipping the pages open, then crawling away. It’s just the age – Charlotte will eventually like books again – at least by the time she’s 24.

    This reminds me – a friend of mine told me she was really tired and worn out and couldn’t drive across town to see Gia when she was two weeks old… I will never forget that.

  9. About the reading— we also have a book eater on our hands. Our latest trick: we lie down side by side on the bed, give him a teethring or other assorted toy, and hold the book up above our heads. he is mesmerized and we can read for hours this way (or at least until our arms get tired)

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