Before We Build That Wall

First, I want to thank you all so much for your words of encouragement on my previous post. I am so lucky to have your voices in my ear.


So, we’ve booked a trip to Mexico in July.

Because traveling internationally to a developing country with a child under one when you’re struggling with severe anxiety is totally the thing to do.


The thing is that this will essentially be a free vacation for us. My mom offered to pay for our airfare, and we’re staying at her timeshare just outside of Puerto Vallarta. Plus mom is also coming, which means BABYSITTER.

How could we say no? We couldn’t.

So now I’m left to stress about ALL OF THE THINGS THAT CAN GO WRONG. And OMG there are SO. MANY. THINGS.

The last time we went to Mexico with my family, we had a near death experience on a catamaran. We made the mistake of taking a snorkel/pristine beach day trip across the bay while TOTALLY hung over. Then we got so sea sick (courtesy of our hangovers) that I threw up in the water while snorkeling, and Catch spent a while puking over the side of the moving boat. THEN WE GOT CAUGHT IN A MONSOON. No joke. Full on monsoon. Pouring rain. Crazy lightning. Zero visibility. NOT ENOUGH LIFE VESTS FOR EVERYONE ON BOARD. (Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale…)

So this morning, as I was discussing the trip with my mom, I mentioned that we would not be getting on any boats this time. Fortunately, she was in agreement, having been caught in ANOTHER MONSOON (same trip) while doing a Pirate-themed dinner cruise on the bay. Catch and I had decided to sit that one out, and we were pretty grateful when the rest of our family returned around midnight looking like drowned rats.

No boats.

We also agreed that we’re going to stay at the resort and not go into town because I am too afraid that someone is going to steal my baby. Yes, I’m serious. Yes, I know that the resort cities in Mexico are reasonably safe for tourists because they live off of tourism, but hello ANXIETY. I am convinced that we’ll go from a stroll through town to the nightly news in the USA.

We’re going about 2 weeks before Charlotte’s first birthday. Catch picked up her birth certificate today so we can get her a passport. I can’t believe my baby needs a passport.

If you have any tips for traveling with an almost 1-year old, I’m all ears. Er, eyes. Whatever.


17 thoughts on “Before We Build That Wall

  1. The trip will be lovely. Could be just what the dr ordered. Puerto Vallarta is beautiful . Albeit, It’s the only side of Mexico I’ve seen but I loved it. All of it. Just stop stressing 🙂 life is good for you still

    • We had such a good time the last time we were there. I know I’ll be able to relax once we’re there. I am really desperate for a vacation, and you can’t beat it when you’re bringing a willing babysitter along!

  2. Going with your mom will be a big help. My sister in law tagged along at the beach last summer when Brian was just turning 1 and it was a god send. They are pretty easy-going still at that age. It’s once they can walk that it gets more complicate.

  3. This sounds like a great idea!! I say continue to plan things that will reduce your anxiety. We are off to visit mr. Mpbs family pretty soon and i have about 10 different strategies mapped out to help me – one is as simple as only using fully pre-made formula because their kitchen isn’t as clean as ours and i just cannot bear the idea of something going wrong with mixing. So i will fully control the food to reduce risks. Another strategy is our own car even though a rental will cost us more then just borrowing their car. This is so i can just leave if i need to leave and not ask permission or be forced to wait if I need out.

  4. You still manage to make me laugh even when you’re telling not so funny stories. Your sense of humor will get you through! And I’m sure the trip will be so much fun! But, yes, I agree…no boats!

  5. That sounds like it’ll be a wonderful trip – especially if you avoid boats 🙂 and hopefully you two can get some nice adult time. I don’t blame you for wanting to stay on the resort. The less stress the better. And resorts have everything you need these days. Sounds awesome!!

  6. You deserve the vacation. I love the sound of family down time. I agree with MPB – freedom exits are key. We also are renting our own car when we head back to Ontario to visit my family in June. Wyatt will only be 7.5 months then. I also hope to babywear on the plane. Still bringing our car seat through because I can’t fathom the thought of renting one.

  7. Oh I’m so jealous of your trip! Oh boats lol. I have a boat story too, but it’s a really really embarrassing one. I have no tips because we haven’t travelled with Dumplin’ yet, but we will be in Sept, so I look forward to any tips you have after your trip. When will you be heading to Mexico?

  8. With your anxiety you will cover a lot of the obvious basics for travelling with an infant. My best suggestion for the flights is not to nurse her or pump too close to departure time so you can do so while taking off – can help with ear pressure some babies get during landing (often worse for one of mine) and take off.

  9. Ah! I’m taking Chick to Amsterdam at the end of the month, so I’m in the same boat. (Bad pun intended.) I had a panic attach right after the bombing in Brussels, convinced that we’d be involved a terrorist attack. I’ve never in my life freaked out like that over traveling (even to some saltier places) and I blame it all on the baby. It’s like I care or something. 😉

    You’re going to have an amazing time. I mean… you’re going to be hanging out in a resort with your adorable baby and awesome wife. I see nothing terrible about that!

  10. Puerto Vallarta is literally THE GAYEST city in all of Latin America…even more gay than Mallorca, and that’s saying a lot!You should be absolutely fine (more than fine!) traveling into town with Charlotte. Take her in the carrier so that she is always in front of you and you can always see her, but even in a stroller, she will be absolutely fine. Sounds like SUCH A GREAT TIME! I’m trying to convince my parents to go on a Disney vacation with all the kids and all of my siblings. Huge family vacation. Now if only i can get them to pay for it too…LOL!

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