And then I couldn’t take it anymore.

Catch’s favorite aunt just posted this on Facebook. I snapped.



26 thoughts on “And then I couldn’t take it anymore.

  1. How is catch handling it? I imagine there is going to be family discord, brace yourself. My dad posts Trump crap all the time and I rarely comment due to not wanting to deal with the dramatics. You go girl!

    • She responded and said blah blah blah I will always support my great niece blah blah blah. To which I responded that Trump does not support same sex families and if it were up to him, Catch’s name would not be on C’s birth certificate. She hasn’t responded to that. I doubt that she will. It’s not even my biggest issue with that moron, but it was the most personal thing I could think of that might sink into her brain.

  2. All I can say is “UGH”. Sorry you have to see this shit on family Facebook feeds. I would have responded in the same way. Feeling lucky to be Canadian right now, but we are not completely immune to Trump supporters up here as well…

  3. 😂 I applaud you. I couldn’t do it. I just “unfollow” people but still keep them as friends. I realized how much unnecessary anxiety stupid posts would give me (religion, politics, depression shit) so I just unfollowed them. I recommend it, for Catch’s sake. It won’t be as awkward as if you and you can scroll through your feed without having to see their BS. 🙂

  4. Good for you! That is some shit I would do…actually, I did do it…to callie’s dad, but not on facebok, in realy life… “for someone so progressive, you sure are an asshole for wanting to vote for trump.” I mean, I could have used more tact, but if they are Trump supporters they are used to crass and straightforward…

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