8 Months (Aka… Stop. Just Stop.)

Eight months. It’s been 8 months since this little girl turned our world upside down.

A few days ago, Charlotte’s third tooth started to make an appearance. I thought the top front teeth would be next, but this is actually the one next to the top front teeth. It’s just barely poked through the gums, but Charlotte has taken to grinding her bottom teeth against it and I’m going out of my mind trying to stop her. a) It can’t possibly be good for her brand new teeth, and b) the sound it makes is like fingernails on a chalkboard. It’s AWFUL.

We think she’s going to be crawling any day now. She gets down on all fours and sort of rocks back and forth doing a little butt wiggle. It’s absolutely adorable. So far, she’s managed to scoot backward several feet, but hasn’t yet figured out forward momentum.

On Monday, I got home and Catch had lowered the crib. It all stemmed from some conversation on Facebook after I posted a picture of Charlotte asleep with her mattress in the raised position. One of Catch’s friend’s moms saw it and told her that her friend flipped out of her crib when she was 5 months old. Her friend is over 40 and dog only knows what kind of crib it was, but it freaked Catch out. I wasn’t yet ready for us to make this transition and I kind of freaked out on her after she did it. I acted like I was pissed because now the video baby monitor couldn’t see her, but deep down, I know now that the baby monitor was just an excuse. I was really upset because lowering the crib meant that Charlotte was growing up, and I couldn’t handle that in the moment.

One of the most unexpected elements of motherhood for me has been this mix of grief and pride as my baby grows. I am so excited for everything that’s coming next, but I desperately want to just stop time.

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15 thoughts on “8 Months (Aka… Stop. Just Stop.)

  1. She’s so cute, it’s ridiculous. All of mine would grind their teeth. It came in waves, usually after a new tooth, and went away within a few weeks each time. You’re right, it sounds absolutely grating.

  2. You summed up my feelings beautifully…such a bittersweet mix of grief and pride as they grow up (I’m totally stealing that, btw). My nuggets will be 11 months next week and it’s hitting me HARD. I swear I flipping cry every day when I think about it! Ugh. But it’s so amazing to watch them grow.

    Charlotte definitely catapulted herself into big girl territory! Wow, what a difference a month has made. She is a doll!

  3. Gosh, you’re really starting to be able to see the cute little kid in there! She looks so mischievous and pink-cheeked. I second the LadyKing on the teeth – I thought I was going to go nuts the first time Darwin did it, but the grinding seems to only last a little while, as it something novel to try out with new chompers. Fingers crossed it ends quickly for you too!!

  4. You totally captured it – grief and pride. It’s wonderful when they grow up but you lose something in the process. She’s so gorgeous, feel all the feelings!

  5. So cool to see 8 months of Charlotte! She’s adorable, and definitely a bit mischievous looking!

    When I read ‘8 months’ I thought that sounded so grown-up and way older than Junie, and then I realized that Junie is just days away from 7 months. Gulp. It really does go quickly.

  6. That face… makes me smile every time.

    And speaking of time- it goes by so fast. My daughter just moved to a new class for the 2.5 year olds and this morning was her first officially morning of drop off in that class and well…. I’m starting to cry just thinking about it.

  7. I’m glad you didn’t choose just one of these pictures – they’re all amazing. I get the grief and Pride thing – I can’t believe it’s going so fast. We lowered the crib too since Gia pulls herself up now and my mom saw a video and was concerned. I can’t believe it. Charlotte is so cute I can’t wait to see her crawl! Happy 8 Months!

  8. I absolutely love her face! Also, my niece grew her teeth in like that as well, and she looked like Batly from Eureka’s Castle from back in the day (go ahead! Google it so you can have a laugh!). And at 7 months, Levi started standing and we didn’t know becuase aparently he only did it at night when we weren’t watching, and one night, at 3am we herad this huge thud, hear a baby and his blood curdling scream, and find our baby on the floor reaching for us. He was fine, but it sure is scary stuff. Good thing you lowered the crib!

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