Working Mom Woes – Part 2

Last week I wrote a post about my professional persona that basically showed me that what I’m really lacking right now is a big heap of self-care. I wanted to follow up with a little bit about the steps I’m taking to try to get over this hump.

Catch and Charlotte went shopping with me last weekend, and I was able to get some new work clothes that are less likely to need ironing (because ironing just isn’t happening) and shoes that are not flats. (And ok… I did get one pair of flats as well. But they were on clearance, and they were to replace my favorite pair that are totally worn out. I always get carried away at DSW.) Catch even walked Charlotte around in her stroller while I got my eyebrows done.

On Saturday night after Charlotte went to bed, I shaved my legs for the first time in I don’t know how long. It was a miracle. I used to shave WAY more often, but at our new house, the shower is SO tiny that you can’t even bend over with the damn razor and there’s nothing to rest your foot on, so it’s pretty much impossible to shave in the shower… that makes it MUCH more likely that my legs are going to become golden retrievers. (I am a redhead, after all.)

This week, those things helped me employ a bit of “fake it til you make it.” I wouldn’t say my heart is really in it just yet, but I can say that I feel a lot better when I walk through the door in the morning. That’s something at least.

Next week, my goal is to focus a bit more on being present at work and getting my head in the game. I don’t yet know what that’s going to look like, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

And finally, a gratuitous cute baby video just for the heck of it. Caution – she is learning to squeal at the top of her lungs.

SQUEALING from Molly on Vimeo.


12 thoughts on “Working Mom Woes – Part 2

    • Oh, flats are perfectly acceptable! I just have half of a wardrobe that’s planned around heels and I wanted to be able to wear some of my longer pants!

  1. Argument, I hit send too soon (why do I even try to comment on my phone?)
    Anways, in all seriousness i love that you went shopping for you and made time for you! I think it’s so important to our mental health to feel good about ourselves and simple things like new clothing always help! Yay you!!

  2. I really admire that you’re setting work goals for yourself on a weekly basis. I think I need to take a page from your book and do the same. I will say, however, that you will NEVER catch me in shoes that are anything other than “flats” (meaning lesbian shoes/ Ellen Degeneres style).

  3. It is such a struggle for me to take care of myself too. When you are a working mom it is like there is never any time for yourself. I want to spend those 3 hours in the evening with him before his bedtime, not running out to get a hair cut. I have a DSW gift card from two Christmases ago– I need to do what you did, because when I went just with my son he had a major meltdown and I had to leave. He is older now and does appear to have a fondness for shoes. I will say that new clothes really do help out a lot with mood.

  4. What a great shopping trip, sounds like it helped you at least feel good at work. I get it – I’ve been missing Gia like crazy and wanting to turn the car around in the mornings. I’m proud of you. Your wife is so sweet and supportive. And Charlotte is awesome.

  5. I am glad you got a few minutes to take care of you. Who doesn’t spend a little more than intended at DSW? I might go there on my lunch break now…

    And I so heart those squeals!

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