A Light Green Thumb

For years, I have grown a vegetable garden each spring. Some years are better than others and some years are bigger than others, but I never let March pass me by without getting my hands on some basil and tomatoes at the very least.

When Catch and I moved into our house over the summer, it was the beginning of an intensely hot (SCORCHING HEAT), intensely pregnant time in our lives (you may recall that we moved in June and Charlotte was born in July). That was followed shortly by an intensely newborn/postpartum time in our lives. Everything in the planter beds surrounding our front and back yards slowly languished and died as a result of poor choices on the part of the previous owners, our neglect, and our region’s drought. We have removed all of the dead plants and now it’s just empty and really depressing to look at.

Suddenly, March is upon us. Catch has been working bit by bit for weeks to remove the layer of gravel some idiot poured into all of the planter beds so that we can get to the soil and actually do something with it. She’s almost finished, just in time for Tomatomania this weekend. This morning, we totally failed at communication and both went online and ordered these really cool big bags of garden soil to be delivered this week. (Whoops.)

So, this weekend the general idea is that we’re going to work all of that new soil into the beds, hit up Tomatomania, stop at the nursery, and get all of the plants in the ground by the end of Sunday.




Pre-baby, that would have been tough, but do-able. Post-baby, I need a nap halfway through even thinking about all of that.

We’re probably going to have to find some middle ground. It will likely involve eating frozen casseroles (courtesy of my SIL’s visit after Charlotte was born) all week and doing a bit after work each day. My even bigger concern is how we’re going to keep up with the watering since there’s no sprinkler or drip system installed in the planter beds.

I think the key to any sort of garden success this season is going to be finding a way to keep Charlotte happy, comfortable, and occupied outside while we’re working/watering/whatever. I’m contemplating an Ergo-type carrier so she could be on my back while we do things like watering in the evenings. Anyone have any other ideas? Or recommendations for wearing babies on backs? I’m all ears!


28 thoughts on “A Light Green Thumb

  1. Baby pool with a big umbrella! She’ll want to stay there for hours I guarantee it! Oh man you’re making me want to move into our next house (which we have to all find & buy first) now!!!

  2. A garden in March?! The rule of thumb here is no planing until May long weekend! You are really making me re-think our choice to live in Canada! 🙂
    No advice for how to keep Charlotte entertained in the garden, but once again, I will absolutely be reading the comments you get and stealing all your ideas for our summer here!

  3. We got this thing to (hopefully) keep J contained when we’re working on our giant, needy and weedy, garden: http://www.buybuybaby.com/store/product/summer-infant-reg-pop-n-play-ultimate-playard/1042674221

    I can’t speak to whether it will actually work, but I like that it gives shade and is a decently sized place for her to play. I bought it on sale on Boxing Day, when it was easy to forget about mosquitos.

    We have an Ergo but I don’t find it that great as a back carrier – the belt feels like it digs in, and it wants to slide up from my hips to my waist (though that could be my shape). Di mostly uses a Lenny Lamb wrap and loves it – it is good for back carries and she finds it more comfortable than a structured carrier. I’d like to try a Beco, but can’t quite justify it when we already have the Ergo.

    Also – holy tomatoes! I am going to start seed this week, but it’ll be forever before we can actual plant. I envy you Californians!!

    • That’s really good to know about the ergo straps, because I was seriously considering an Ergo just because they’re so easy to come by! I’m really torn now between Lenny Lamb and Tula–both have been recommended several times over.

      • Babygearlab has a really great overview of different carriers. The Tula ranks the highest of the ones they tested, then the Onya, then the Ergo 360.
        Di likes the Ergo a lot; I find it uncomfortable after about 10 minutes. If you’re able to test them out at a baby wearing workshop it’d probably be worth it!

  4. Love love love my Tula and with practice the back carry is pretty easy even alone. Also, I pull the pack and play and keep toys in it that I don’t let her play with anywhere else. Good luck!

      • Well, I’m in Dallas so to me all carriers are so hot so I just embrace the sweat. I had a Boba 4G and then one day borrowed a friend’s Tula and went home and ordered one that night. That much more comfy! And my “little” is very tall too and I feel like she’s so comfy in it. Also, try to get one on Craigslist or join the Facebook B/S/T group and buy a used one. Even more comfortable when they are already broken in!

  5. I second the pack and play idea. If you stick a fitted sheet over the top it’s shady as well. Or one of those circle fence things if you want her to just crawl around the yard. When I gardened at her age, I just stuck her in the yard with a kiddie pool and sand box, it worked for us.

    • There’s nothing worse than a ducking garden. 🙂 I was thinking of asking you about carriers because I know you wear Gus a lot. So The Tula is a good back carrier? I was Facebook stalking your photos to see if there were any good shots of you back carrying Gus! Hah. I ordered an Ergo yesterday, but I think I’m going to return it because not a single person commented on this post and said ERGO!

      • We love our tula and it is great for back carries. I will say that Lesley has a harder time with it than i do but she has more general back pain. We tried on an ergo and just found the straps really diggy. We have had gus in a tula since he was a month old and have no complaints.

      • OK, I ordered one about 15 minutes ago. Hah. I have been reading review after review, and I’m just sick of thinking about it. I love that it has a pocket and that was what finally made me click the purchase button.

      • Catch requested something geometric or Chevron, so I went with the one called Equilateral–triangles everywhere. I’m actually glad she had a strong opinion, because I liked SO many of them. I was really struggling to choose!

  6. If you go with a back carrier, look for one that has legs that will stand up. We had a Kokopax which RR loved beyond all other things. It’s discontinued but Amazon has a pic to see what I mean!

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