Is this my real life?

I just spent a significant portion of my morning cheering my rigid, screaming, constipated baby as she pooped on the changing table (and her diaper cover, and her pajamas, and my hand…). 

6 cloth diapers later, it’s safe to say she’s not constipated anymore. 

Happy Sunday, folks. 



13 thoughts on “Is this my real life?

    • Haha! I felt so bad for her, but the minute she was done she was like a different baby! After hours of whimpering and crying suddenly she was babbling & smiling. It was like someone flipped a switch!

  1. Oh, poop. Unpleasant when it happens, even more unpleasant when it doesn’t happen. I had no idea I’d be so invested in anyone’s bodily functions, and the genuine enthusiasm I feel when doing the constipation cheering on is… Unnerving.

    • Pre-parenthood, I knew poop was going to invade my life once we had a baby, but I thought it would just be the kind of thing that was sort of *there.* I did not anticipate the level of thought, time and energy I would put into the subject.

  2. Bahahaha! That face says it al. Today I cheered when I FINALLY got this GIANT booger out of Cami’s nose…and then took a picture and texted my mom as proof of how massive it was and to have someone to celebrate with. I’m sure she appreciated that. Cameron certainly appreciated it no longer being lodged in her nose. 🙂

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