I Get It Now

Charlotte is 7 months old today. Seven months.


I am loving every second of this age. She is so much fun right now. Her personality and desire for a new level of independence are shining through, and it’s pretty magical to watch it all unfold.


Suddenly, I get it. I get why people want a second child. Between the postpartum healing, hormones, breastfeeding struggles, sleep issues, etc., I really couldn’t fathom what part of this whole baby gig made people crazy enough to want to do it again. Suddenly, I see the light. I can look in the rear view mirror now and see that all of that misery feels so all-encompassing, but it’s temporary. Just a momentary blip on the radar.

Last night, I was rocking a sleepy, pajama-clad Charlotte in her glider as Catch read her some bedtime stories and I was flooded by a wave of this. THIS IS WHY WE DID IT. This is one of those wish-like pictures I had in my head throughout our IUIs and IVF and FET. I am so grateful for it that sometimes the gratitude is overwhelming.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve watched our little girl and wondered how on earth we got so lucky. She is the baby of my dreams, and she’s all ours. In seven short months, she has completely transformed our world. Our hard is harder, but our happy is so, so much happier.

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