Balance Schmalance

You know what sucks? When you’re sitting at your desk planning your first business trip since having a baby (3 totally full freaking days! In stupid Arizona!) (Sorry, Arizona.) and your nanny texts you to tell you that your baby has a temperature over 101 degrees. This whole work/life balance thing just came slamming into me like a city bus.

a) I would like to leave right now and go home to snuggle my baby girl. She’s been feeling off the last few days and it appears that we may be well on our way to her first actual illness. She’s also teething, but her teething temps are usually just 99.5-100.

b) I can barely stand to be 4 miles from my daughter for 8 hours a day. How am I supposed to manage being in ARIZONA for 3 DAYS? (Again, I ask WHY ARIZONA?!)


So tell me, mamas. Who among us has pumped on a business trip? How did you store your milk in the hotel? Do you just ask for a fridge? And then how do you get your milk home on the plane? Do you have to check it or can you carry it on? How do you keep it cold?

This mama is not a happy camper. I only have 20-ish ounces in the freezer, so being gone for 3 full days means C is going to have mostly formula while I’m away. Not that I have any issue with her having formula (she has about 2-4 ounces daily), but I’m concerned that going from a bit of formula to MOSTLY formula is going to upset her tummy.

I have about a month to figure this out.

Bigger sigh.

(P.S. I’m sorry I was MIA and haven’t responded to all of your wonderful comments on my last post. I’m issuing IOUs. The last few days have been NUTS. Have much catching up to do.)


11 thoughts on “Balance Schmalance

    • We discussed it, but we decided that I need to do this one solo. I’m taking my team with me for 3 days of intensive training on a program we’re going to be working with, and I just feel like having Catch and Charlotte there will take my focus away from where it really needs to be those 3 days. Plus, I really need to be able to “entertain” my team in the evenings. I haven’t really been bringing my A game to work since I got back from leave, and I need to make sure I bring it on this trip. Know what I mean?

      • Ah yeah that makes it trickier than just meetings. I totally agree with what you’ve decided. I don’t have any pump travel advice for you, but wish you the best in figuring out the logistics of it all!

  1. I hope Charlotte feels better ASAP! I have no advice on how to make the work trip work, but if you figure it out please do share as I expect to be in a similar situation soon enough (minus the breastfeeding conundrum that is bound to make it more stressful for you!!).

  2. For what it is worth Judge always got high temps (101-103) with teething and we were ALWAYS told it couldn’t be teething with it being that high but we knew better.
    A friend of ours traveled out of country and she was able to carry her breast milk back on the plane. She just told them what it was they looked at it and she kept going. She said she thinks she freaked them out more than anything..HA…GOOD LUCK MOMMA

  3. I have pumped a few times on trips. Request a mini fridge in your room and turn it to the coldest setting. With this and using the small area that is a pseudo freezer, you can freeze the milk. If your milk is frozen it is no issue getting through security. If you can’t freeze, you should still carry on and it won’t be a big deal, they’ll just have you open the bags and they’ll hold a piece of paper over it to test it. I bought a small cooler with the ice packs built in, making it less likely to be a problem if your ice packs aren’t fully frozen. Let me know if you have other questions! It was a non issue for me. Being away from the baby, on the other hand. . .

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