The Light at the End of the Tunnel – Night 4

As I’ve said, the Happy Sleeper method has you check in with your baby every 5 minutes if the baby is crying.  Guess how many checks we had to make last night?


Charlotte went down in her crib at about 10 minutes to 7. She talked and fussed for a couple of minutes and was sound asleep by 7.

She proceeded to sleep until 12:30 am. 5.5 hours straight. The early morning hours weren’t the greatest sleep–very choppy and somewhat restless, but all in all she slept for about 9 hours and I’d still call the night a huge success.

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazed and relieved I am by her progress in just 4 nights. It’s working. It’s really working.

One change I’m really appreciating these days is actually related to our nursing relationship. I was growing increasingly resentful of all of her nighttime nursing. It was a huge stressor for me. Breastfeeding was even turning into a battle between me and Catch because she attributed the sleepless nights to breastfeeding. She really wanted me to quit.

Now that we’ve seen Charlotte demonstrate several times that she can go reasonable intervals at night without needing to nurse, the weight is starting to lift. I am enjoying our middle of the night nursing because it’s a chance to connect with my baby–whereas before, I was CONSTANTLY connected to her at night and I felt stuck.

Another unexpected bonus is actually related to my milk supply. When I get to work, my first pump of the day usually yields an average of 3.5 ounces (it goes downhill from there). On Monday, I got 5.5 ounces (the most I have ever pumped). Tuesday was 4.5 and today was 4. All well above my average. Charlotte is still nursing at least twice before I leave for work in the morning, so I attribute the difference to all of this extra sleep I’ve been getting. It’s wonderful. I still hate pumping with a passion, but at least I have a bit more to show for it, which is nice.

I love it when a plan starts to come together.


22 thoughts on “The Light at the End of the Tunnel – Night 4

  1. Amazing news. Isn’t it funny looking back…She could sleep all along lol. It really teaches us ALOT about the things we are doing. Who knew parenting would be so challenging? I hope the rest of the week has some solid stretches of sleep in there.

    • It’s a whole new ballgame, that’s for sure. She’s been so sleep deprived for so long… I feel like we should have figured this sleep thing out ages ago. I’m just glad we’re getting it sorted out now. She was so happy when she woke up this morning. I can tell she’s feeling the difference.

  2. I feel refreshed just reading this. Sounds like a corner has been turned, even if you can’t see much further down the hallway than before. Congratulations on getting part of yourself back.

  3. How wonderfully amazing! I am excited for you guys.
    Question…I mentioned this book to Corrie but our twins sleep in the same room and we are afraid one crying for 5 minutes may wake the other. Do they touch on room sharing in the book?

    • There’s a whole chapter on Twins, actually. I just peeked at it because I didn’t bother reading it. It looks like they’re *suggesting* separating them temporarily while you “work the program.” Then a few sentences later, it also says, “It is possible to try to implement the Sleep Wave with both children in the same room, especially if they are used to tuning each other out and progress quickly with falling asleep independently. If you find they are frequently disrupting each other, you can switch to separate rooms for a few nights.”

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