One of the outcomes of Saturday’s meeting with the lactation consultant was this:


We started Charlotte on solid foods on Saturday night. (She’ll be 6 months in just under 2 weeks.)

The main reason I scheduled our visit with the LC was that Charlotte is still nursing hourly. I’m not even exaggerating. It’s reached a point where I’m certain it’s not just a leap or a growth spurt. It’s been like this for months and I can’t take it anymore. I feel totally trapped. I basically spend my evenings and weekends nursing her. There’s no time for me… no time for the house… no time for sleep… no time for anything but feeding the baby.

I was ready to quit. So, so ready to quit. Throw in the thrush and the teeth marks and I had about a thousand and one reasons why quitting was truly the logical thing to do.

The trouble with quitting is that I just can’t bring myself to do it. I should quit. Anyone in their right mind would quit, but I think we’ve established here plenty of times over that I’m not exactly in my right mind.

So, off to the LC we went.

She suggested three things:

  • Get her started on solids sooner rather than later.
  • Give her some formula before bed.
  • Work on boosting supply some more. Introduce shatavari and malunggay.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve heard two of these things mentioned as sleep solutions a million times over, and usually within one sentence, you see that it’s a myth that has been debunked one way or another. Formula-fed babies sleep longer. Babies who eat solids are better sleepers. Blah, blah, blah.

The thing is that we’re not trying these things with the aim to get her to sleep longer. We’re trying them in an attempt to get her to nurse less frequently. Sometimes, that may mean a bit of extra sleep by default, but I’m more interested in being able to take a shower and dry my hair without having to nurse a baby in my bath towel right smack in the middle of those two things.

Anyway, Saturday night we officially kicked off baby-led weaning with some roasted sweet potato sticks. It went as expected. She swallowed exactly one mouthful and spent the rest of the time picking them up, pushing them around on her plate, and dropping them on the floor for the (seriously excited about this stage) dogs.

It’s way too early to make any real observations about these changes. It’s only been 2 nights. We’ll see what happens. For now, we’re enjoying watching our baby play with food. She’s having fun participating in meal times, and that’s really all I wanted from BLW. If she starts taking in more food and nursing less frequently at some point, that will be an added bonus.


Some bonus cute:

Look how well she’s sitting up! She played like that for a good 20 minutes the other night!


Packers baby was a good luck charm on Sunday.IMG_3187


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  1. Nursing hourly?? Oh dear, I remember this with Leo. I hated everyone telling me to give him formula at night, I thought yeah that’ll clog him up really nice considering he was strictly breast milk. I remember feeling like his growth spurts were every other day and I swore they actually were. Like Charlotte, Leo was growing very fast. It could honestly be because she’s growing so much. She’s really sprouted right before my eyes and I see pictures at least every week of her on here or Facebook. I say go with your gut!! Mom really knows and feels what’s best. Sadly our breastfeeding chronicles ended at six months with Leo. It was the best decision I made. He was nursing every hour on the dot at night so we were waking up 8-11 times a night no exaggeration. I was more exhausted than I could emotionally deal with. It was a good decision because he started sleeping through the night almost instantly after. He also really enjoyed the fast flow of that bottle!! Leo’s also in the 103 percentile so he’s a massive baby for his age. Just trust your gut. I hope everything calms soon and you find a good resolution for you both:)

  2. Evelyn was the same way. I understand your plight and I understand feeling trapped. It’s really, really hard on a nursing mama with a little who is a ‘velcro baby’ when it comes to the boob. No advice, just sending empathy your way.

  3. Oh goodness, hourly nursing sounds so frustrating. And I totally cop to the fact that a big part of my enthusiasm about solids is rooted in hope that she’ll start taking in more calories and not put so much pressure on me and my inconsistent supply. 😉

  4. Those pictures are Sooo precious! My friend told me that even though they say it’s a myth, her son has definitely slept better since starting solids. Here’s hoping. I am so amazed that you’re still breast feeding. You love a challenge! And I know you’re so dedicated to Charlotte. I hope things get better.

  5. By the way, our babies are really so similar. Gia weighs almost 20 pounds and is so obsessed with nursing, as you know. She’s nursing 4-6 times a night. I’m losing my already half-there mind.

    • Gia is 20 pounds of adorable! Seriously, you have one of those babies that you just want to cuddle. Sometimes I feel so awful for being resentful of how frequently she nurses. I read these things about how babies in more primitive countries nurse several times an hour and are basically worn round the clock and it makes me wish our society was simpler. I wish we took better care of our new moms and gave them the space to allow breastfeeding to take whatever form it needs to take. Obviously you and I don’t have babies who want to confirm with the 3-hour feeding schedule society seems to think they should be on. Already, we’re having to trick them into being something they’re not. It makes me sad. It also makes me think that I am totally overthinking this! lol

      • I totally feel the same way – I feel so torn, like I want to quit my job and just be here for her: no weaning, no training, just nurse her and play with her and be here for her. But unfortunately that’s not going to happen; except on weekends. Yes, Gia and Charlotte seem similar in that way; the babies in Mommy & Me seem like they nap and nurse perfectly it’s confusing. Part of me fees like that’s weird; they should be allowed to be babies without a particular schedule, but I also feel jealous and resentful too.

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