Santa’s Elves are Getting More Sleep than Me

You know it’s serious when I’m so tired that a glass of wine doesn’t even sound remotely appealing.

I’m pretty sure we’ve headed into teething territory with Charlotte. We’ve had weeks of crazy drooling and chewing on things, but it’s escalated this week. Now we’ve added some low grade fevers, chewing on her lower lip, and a level of general fussiness, clinginess, and sleeplessness that has never been seen before in this house.

My in-laws were here on Sunday and she flat out refused to have anything to do with them. She cried, whimpered, whined, or some variation thereof almost non-stop from the moment they arrived (around noon) until I finally got her to “sleep” about 9 hours later. Quotation marks because I would hardly call what she’s doing these days sleeping.

The past 3 nights have been rough, but last night was particularly bad. She went to bed around 7:30 and proceeded to wake up at 9, 10, 11, 12, 1, 2 (she was awake for over an hour and a half at this one) and then finally 5. At 1 am, I was so desperate for some sleep that I nursed her and then pumped figuring that way Catch could take her next wake up and I could sleep. She woke up at 2 and I made Catch get up to give her the bottle, but by 3 she was still wide awake and crying her little head off. She nuzzled herself into my boob the minute I touched her. So basically all that time I spent pumping I should have spent sleeping instead for all the good it did.

Long story short, Mommy feels like death.

I’m afraid we’ve also added some 4-month sleep regression to the teething fun, which is just a cocktail of pure misery.

Plus, it’s Christmas. I have purchased exactly zero gifts. I have made exactly zero gifts. We tried to go to a party on Saturday night and lasted just over a half hour because our normally happy baby had a total meltdown every time anyone acknowledged her presence in even the most gentle way.

At least we got our tree on Saturday, so that’s a start. It even has lights on it. No ornaments yet, but maybe we’ll try tonight. Charlotte LOVES her Christmas tree. She is totally fascinated by the texture of the branches and she just loves to clasp her little hands around the needles.

Here she is before we left to go tree shopping…

tree shopping outfit

And here she is at the tree lot trying to decide which one to give her seal of approval to…


The obligatory baby + Christmas lights photo. (Taken at about 4:30 am when she refused to sleep and I decided that I might as well be productive and get the lights going.)

Christmas Lightsblog

This was her all dressed up and happy before she decided that she actually hates parties…

snowflake dress blog

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to pump and then head out to Costco in search of people who make me want to run them over with my cart Christmas spirit.


18 thoughts on “Santa’s Elves are Getting More Sleep than Me

  1. Oh, I remember the 4 month sleep regression so well. It was hell. And on top of all of this you have to be somewhat functional for work! Any chance you can crawl under your desk for a cat nap on your lunch? I used to do that. :I

    I really hope all of this is short lived. Hopefully the necklace will work, but also what about a combo of Tylenol & Advil (I can’t remember how old they have to be to get Advil, though)…

    Here’s to you getting some more sleep very, very soon! Good thing she’s cute!

    • I would kill for a cat nap, but my lunch breaks are for pumping now! At least I can sort of sit & be quiet with the pump. I try to make it as restful as possible. I need to ask her ped about Advil. I only have instructions for tylenol, so I’m not sure. I just hope this is short lived. We’ve been on a downward sleep spiral for 2-3 weeks now–something’s gotta give!

  2. I say this every time, but she is adorable. You might just have one of the cutest little baby girls ever!
    Since I have no real advice on how to help Charlotte sleep better, I will just hope she gives you the best possible Christmas present – sleeping peacefully. 🙂

  3. I don’t believe you! She is way too sweet to be giving you any trouble…is what I’d say if we weren’t also going through the 4 month madness ha ha ha
    This is when they are lucky they are cute!

    • She can sit up unassisted for about 2 seconds before she topples over! What you can’t see is my wife’s arm just outside the frame repeatedly catching her and sitting her back up. LOL

  4. Oh oh, yes, we had the combo 4 month sleep regression (should be called something more like ‘failure to sleep’)/teething too, I am feeling a huge rush of empathy for you in this moment. I can say that ibuprofen was way more helpful for Darwin with teething so definitely call your doctor on that one. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be better for you all too.

    She is so so so cute. I remember thinking daily that at least evolution works 🙂

    • I’ve decided that biology is evil. Having these two major events coincide must be my mother’s way of getting back at me for 4 months of colic when I was born. That’s the only explanation I have. Surely, nature would never be this cruel without my mother’s influence. LOL

  5. Oh my. The sleep regressions are the worst all though I feel like Bumbi’s never ended…you probably don’t want to hear that. She is so darn cute tho…Hoping things make a turn for the sleep soon for you!

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