At 10 weeks old, my daughter is 13.7 pounds and 25.5 inches. She is in the 99.9th percentile for height. This is nuts. 

People with big babies… Please tell me this growth pattern slows at some point.



26 thoughts on “Seriously. 

  1. We started in a low percentile, then she shot up to around 86%, and now she’s basically stayed on that curve. So it’s possible she’ll stay at the 99.9% for a while. Weight can fluctuate a lot more I think. You’ll find out either way. 🙂

  2. 😀 At her age, Joey was 13lbs5oz! A month ago, at 6.5mos, he weighed 18lbs6oz. Probably 20lbs now!! He’s also been 99th %tile for height/head circumference.

    I do hear the weight takes a dive once they get crawling. All those lovely rolls start to thin out as they burn calories. So she won’t always gain like this—but for now, all I can say is better start doing weights in your free time! 😉 Just kidding.

    She’s beautiful. 🙂 ❤

  3. Sounds like she’s on the same growth trajectory as Darwin. Everyone kept telling me she would slow down when x,y,z happened. She’s still on the same curve (90th for height, 94th for weight, 99th for head circumference). There are a whole bunch of things that can slow them down (crawling, walking, etc) but some of us just grow big kids!

  4. I’ve got both extremes! My boy is 89% percentile for height and 85th for weight! He’s fluctuated a bit over the last 5 months but pretty much within a 10% up or down.
    His twin on the other hand! She’s 20% for height! Started at 4% and went to 2% is at 60th for weight just now!
    They’re 18lb and 15lb so lugging them both makes me lopsided!
    I’ve always been told if they stay close to a curve then there’s nithing to obsess about BUT I am hooked on the sprout app and recording everything! Feeds, poops, weights, firsts!

  5. Lol mine just turned 3 and she has already been wearing size 5 clothing for months, and now is almost too big for her size 10 flippers (shoes). She often gets mistaken for just a slow older kid!

    • So tough with being mistaken for older kids–people expect much higher levels of self-control than they’re developmentally capable of.

      Molly, Clementine was 98th percentiles all through babydom. She strayed tall and slimmed down, relatively speaking. But we always know when she’s about to grow, partially because she eats everything for a few days but also because she gets rounder, then suddenly stretches. That was especially true in baby/toddler years. Personally, I think you should prepare yourself for spurts as she gets older!

      • That’s so true! I get the judgemental looks when DD has a whiny fit in public, as though I’m supposed to be able to just tell her it’s inappropriate and it’ll shut off.

  6. Evelyn has consistently been in the 98th percentile for height across the months & years. She was also in the 90th for weight, but that has since dropped down to the 70th.

  7. They grow sooooo fast the first year. It starts slowing around 10 months though. Growth spurts always happen though, and you are like “but this just fit you yesterday!”

  8. Gia has that onesie! Yay for the boys section 😎 Gia was also over 25 inches long and almost 15 lb at 2-month appointment. We have big babies. My lower back hurts all the time. It’s great that Charlotte is thriving though!

    • I love that onesie! It’s so soft! I’m kind of glad Gia is big too! The doctor gave me this look when we were talking about her growth and said we’d talk about it in a few weeks when we’re there for her shots. I have this totally irrational fear that Charlotte is going to end up being 7 feet tall. I had a tall best friend through high school and she had such issues about her height. At the same time, it’s nice to have a sturdy baby!

      • I’m sorry for the late response. I haven’t even open the app in a week! I have the same exact anxiety – that Gia is going to be super tall or a large child and will be insecure about it. I know their size at this age changes a lot but it’s alarming. She’s in 6-month clothes! I wish she and Charlotte could meet up. I go to pump station twice a week for breast feeding support group and Mommy & Me and I swear Gia could eat those babies, she’s twice their size!!

  9. Two female babies in 99%ile for height through age 4. (Think age 4 wearing size 6 dresses.) One child now 13 yrs old is already 6’1″, other child is projected, based on parental heights, to top out at 5’2″. Who knows? No one now.
    HOWEVER, key is to make it OK to be whatever height she is. Because I know the shame of being 5’10” tall when I was 11 years old, and the bullying which damaged me severely. (yes, the teachers in my grade school bullied me for my height too.) There was nothing I could do about my height but the attitudes of those around me could have made a huge difference in my self esteem and self valuation.
    If your child is proportional in height and weight she is as nature/god/goddess/luck of draw intended and she is FINE. That is what you need to communicate to her and anyone who ever is around her.

  10. Levi was NO WHERE near the curve when he was born. Almost 9 months later he is in the 60th percentile…Noah was at 2%, and now he is also in the 60th. It fluctuates a lot so i wouldn’t worry too much, especially with Charlotte! It’s just MORE cuteness!

  11. Someone’s gotta be in the 99th percentile 😉 kidding, kidding. She can send our guy some height. He’s in the 5th percentile (as mostly always has been or lower)

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