Cloth Diapers

We use a diaper service, and last night we ran out of cloth diapers. Today is our delivery day, so rather than wash them ourselves, we decided to fill the gap with disposables. 


And then we had a bath. 

Much better. 


21 thoughts on “Cloth Diapers

      • We found DD usually for better into the next size up even if her weight wasn’t close. We also found that brands differed dramatically for fit. Cloth unfortunately became too much of a battle for us around 8 months so we switched to disposables full time. Too much of a fighter and disposables were just easier. My inner hippie died a little.

  1. Nice! Good job Charlotte 😋 I have the opposite experience – we always leak when using the cloths so now I use disposables at night. My cloths are hand me downs though so the inserts aren’t so absorbent! I love how she’s looking at the developmental pictures on her changing table!

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