Rolling with the punches

We had two appointments at our hospital this morning. Charlotte’s first pediatrician appointment and a visit with the lactation folks. 

Charlotte is the picture of health. Since she’s getting bottles regularly, she’s gained back some weight and her color has improved dramatically. She is an exceptionally happy, easygoing baby. 

The visit with the lactation folks took about 3 minutes to bum me out. I pulled down my top and the next thing I know, we’re waiting to see an OB upstairs. Diagnosis: double mastitis AND a blazing UTI. Because why not. 

4 hours later, we returned home to discover that the dogs have chewed up and strewn the contents of our bathroom trash all over the house. In case you’re not familiar with the contents of a postpartum bathroom trash can, just picture a mess resembling a TV crime scene. Fun. 

This gets better, right? Please tell me it gets better. 

She’s still worth it, though. 



44 thoughts on “Rolling with the punches

  1. It gets better. Buy a big bottle of lecithin. Those things are a lifesaver in preventing clogs and mastitis. And it helps you recover as well. You can get them at sprouts, whole foods, etc. Other than that, I’m sorry but hey, adorable baby! Hang in there, you’ll get this.

  2. I kept my postpartum stuff in a trash bag that stayed in the closet because I knew the dogs would mess with it-I’m so sorry. My dogs mess with just normal trash for goodness sakes. I actually have a blog post coming up about it. I should have warned you. I’m also sorry about the other awfulness.

    • I feel bad getting so mad at them because they’ve had a hell of a week, but seriously? Yuck. Lesson learned! It’s a good thing I love them so much!

  3. It does. It absolutely does. It is totally normal to feel completely overwhelmed and even at a loss, you just had a baby! You’re dealing with a lot of punches right now, but I promise it gets better. And the fact that you can say she’s worth it is a really good sign. Keep breathing and loving on that baby.

  4. Feel better soon! I don’t have any useful advice, I just want to wish you well and tell you how adorable your baby is (not like you don’t already know). 🙂

  5. Thank goodness Charlotte is doing so well, but I’m sorry about the mastitis. Sounds incredibly painful. Are you going to be able to keep nursing at some point? Just the first complication of many as parents I guess, and so hard. I hope you get good treatment and feel better soon. And yes about the postpartum trash, all blood! I’m still wearing the mesh underwear and glad we stole so many pairs. Also, I LOVE your crib sheets! She’s beautiful!

    • I’m still going to try to nurse. We used a nipple shield for the first time yesterday and it was tolerable for me. Problem now is that I just have no supply. The side that has the mastitis the worst is literally not producing anything and the other one gives me about a half an ounce every time I pump. We’re still working on it though. We’ll see what happens. I have to hand it to kaiser–they are definitely pulling out all of the stops. I’m getting great care. It’s a relief that they’re taking it as seriously as i am.

      Mesh undies are the greatest thing ever. The person who thought them up is an absolute genius!

      • Hopefully as you nurse more and possibly pump, your supply will increase and things will get better.I just pumped and got way more than I had been getting until a couple of days ago.we had the same experience with Kaiser. I think most hospitals would put the baby on the light or the blanket, but Kaiser wanted to use indirect natural sunlight and lots of breast-feeding to correct the Billy Rubin and it worked.i’m dictating to Siri as I write this so please excuse the spelling errors.i’m so glad that you saw the OB and the lactation consultant again and I hope that it keeps getting better.yeah I think I use my last pair of mesh underwear last night and I’m going to be really upset when I have to put on underwear again.

  6. Bless your heart! Hope things do get better quickly (and I’m sure they will). And, Twix and Rolo! Be on your best puppy behavior, silly dogs!!Hang in there in the meantime! And keep flooding us with precious pics. 🙂

    • I will definitely keep the photos coming! Poor Twix & Rolo–they were SO bad with the whole trash thing, but they’re adjusting pretty well to this new baby thing considering. I’m trying to cut them some slack, but YUCK.

  7. Of course it gets better! The first 3 months are the hardest, and then? Then it becomes blissful with your smiling bundle of love.

    My dog did the SAME THING when I was postpartum. I was sooooo disgusted/angry!

    • dogs are so gross lol! I’m lucky my dog didn’t do that because her nickname is “trash hound” for rooting around the bathroom trash. Good thing her vice is tissues not pads. I don’t think I could have handled that.

      • I told Rolo that I’m never going to be able to look at him the same way ever again. Soooo disgusting! Lesson learned, though!

    • Why are dogs so gross???!!! Ugh. This week definitely hasn’t been fun, but trying to keep it in perspective. Time is already flying. I feel like I’m going to close my eyes and she’ll be 3 months old when I open them again! I’m trying to remind myself to take this all in and embrace it even though I feel lousy.

  8. Our entire plumbing went out the day after we brought Leo home, which happened to be a few days before thanksgiving so everyone was coming to say hello and bring us plates. We had no toilets, I was postpartum and had to pee in my yard with my big ass maxi pad. Oh honey, can’t get worse than that. It can only
    Get better:) I promise at 6 months your going to laugh at this.

    • Oh my gosh. Ok, not that postpartum misery is a competition, but if it was you would win hands down. Forever. Wow! You deserve a medal for that.

  9. It gets infinitely better, but this time is so wonderful too… even though it’s the hardest thing ever and you feel totally emotional, out of it, and completely not yourself. She’s such a squish! I want to cuddle her!

    • The up side to having it this close to her birth is that I can still remind myself that it pales in comparison to the pain of giving birth. Helps keep it in perspective. 😉

  10. Worth it. But still sucks. And it does get better. I promise. Mastitis feels like dying, so I’m very very sorry you’re having to deal with it. But damn, your kid sure is cute.

  11. Oh dogs. At least you’ll have a good story in a few years. Maybe even months.

    As for the mastitis, that’s awful (doubly so) but at least it’s a diagnosis. And a fixable one at that. Better than indeterminate nursing issues, perhaps?

    Nowhere to go but up, right? Postpartum is HARD.

  12. Friend, I will tell you this….it absolutely gets better. The first 2-3 months, some days are AMAZING, and other days are just super shitty. Seems like you had one of the latter, but don’t you worry. Just take a look at her, and all that other crap melts away. Good for you for still trying to nurse. You’re doing everything you can to make that happen. And the truth is, if it doesn’t, that’s ok too! Formula has been around for a long time, and I have yet to see an underweight, 3 headed, 7 footed formula fed baby around. Glad Charlotte is doing well, putting on weight, and from the looks of it is one happy girl. Thinking of you, and hoping the nursing gets better and that mastitis clears up soon!

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