Motherhood, Day 1

Our beautiful baby girl arrived at 7:02 this morning weighing 8 pounds, 3 ounces and measuring 21 inches long. My labor and her delivery were absolutely traumatic for me and sometimes for her, but we’re all doing well now (if you count feeling like being hit by a bus as “well”) and so happy to be on the other side. 


Meet our perfect little Charlotte Louise. She shares her first name with my grandmother and her middle name with Catch’s grandmother. We wanted to name her after strong, influential women in our lives. 


47 thoughts on “Motherhood, Day 1

  1. Congratulations!!!!! I am beyond delighted for you, well not about her traumatic entrance into the world, but about everyone doing well. Her name is beautiful. I am so excited to watch the next stage of your life unfold. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness hooray! Congratulations. I’m sorry to hear the birth was rough, but I hope you’re able to get some sort of rest and just delight in that sweet little baby.

  3. She is gorgeous! And her name is lovely. What a gift to be named after women who you loved and respected.

    Sorry to hear about the traumatic birth. Give yourself time to process it. I know I felt badly being upset with Sprout’s birth since “everyone was healthy,” but after years of going over things in my head, I don’t think it’s unfair to be angry or disappointed or to mourn things not going the way you had hoped. xo. Be kind to yourself. And go love on that little one.

  4. Yay! I am so sorry for what you went through, I know how hard it was and so happy Baby Charlotte is with you! Take care of yourselves this weekend and soak her up. Seriously I’m surprised I haven’t eaten my baby yet I love her so much. Be proud of what you did and try to enjoy her and be good to yourself. I’m sure you’re in pain as I am. Congrats!

  5. what a beautiful name for such a beautiful little girl! I am so glad that she is finally out and into the arms of two women who love her so much! so sorry to hear of any traumatic experiences… but glad that, at the end of It all, you are both okay. take good care of yourself! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. I’m in tears here girl! Happy birthday Charlotte Louise!!!! She is beyond perfection. Good job mama! I hope you are doing alright after the delivery. So, so, glad she is here! Baby girl, you are so loved!

  7. Oh wow. She is indeed perfect and I am so relieved and happy she is here. Congratulations to you, Catch and your teeny champ – I love the family connections in her lovely name. All the best to the three of you!

  8. It is really tough when traumatic applies to a birth. It is also wonderful when despite traumatic the birth ends with a living beautiful baby and living strong mother. May the blessings of your baby help soothe the trauma of her arrival over time. She is so lucky to have two strong resilient mothers to love and raise her. I am so glad all 3 of you survived.

  9. Congrats! She’s absolutely beautiful! Funny, Charlotte was the name we had picked out if ours was a girl! Loooooooove it!

  10. OMG she is so beautiful (and you look radiant mama!) You popped into my mind last night when I was doing dishes, I thought “I wonder if Molly had her baby?” No idea why, must have just gotten some sixth sense lol. I’m sorry to hear your labor was traumatic, but so glad you are doing well now and are bonding with your girl. The postpartum feeling of being hit by a bus pretty much sums it up. I was high on baby fumes afterward, then crashed hard and felt pretty out of it. Take it slow and just cuddle, cuddle, cuddle with your little family.

  11. Look at her!!! I just can’t with that face!!! I’m so excited for you and Catch! Seriously, how amazing is she?!?! I wanna hear this birth story, (which at this point you’ve probably written as I’ve been super out of the loop! More craziness over here!) but you both look great and so glad everyone is well and safe. Congratulations friends! Welcome to the world Charlotte!

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