Nursery Advice

There is furniture in the nursery! Hopefully I will be ready to show you some photos in a few days. In the meantime, I’m seeking some organizational advice. 

Next to the glider, I have a very small little table that has 3 small basket-type drawers in it. I’m trying to decide what I need to have at arms reach for nursing/feeding/anything else. I figure burp cloths for sure… What else? Any suggestions?

14 thoughts on “Nursery Advice

  1. Snacks and water for you, for SURE. Books w/in reach for you to read. In the early months, you’ll spend more time sitting and nursing than you do anything else.

  2. Yes to snacks and water. I’ve taken to leaving hair ties at my nursing chair so I can pull my hair into a ponytail in the middle of the night. I also wish I had a phone charger there since I end up reading on my phone more often than not. A low-level book lamp was useful later, once we used the nursing station for stories (once the kid was a bit older). Pump parts? A little bell for summoning the wife to bring you things? Mostly kidding about the latter…

  3. Snacks, nipple cream if you’re breast feeding coaster or stand bottle on if you’re formula feeding, phone charger and stand, pad and pen for things that spring to mind, baby nail clippers or file (cos that’s when they’re calmest to trim), wipes, aromatherapy rub (for you to wear and them to smell).

  4. Such good advice! Be sure you have easy level space to put your water down (on both sides as you may have either arm holding baby and twisting for putting down the glass…). I like a light shawl or blanket to wrap around my shoulders and a stool to put my feet up on and perhaps a second wrap for my legs in case I get chilly. Actually those big gauzy infant swaddled blankets work well for this purpose. They can also be balls dup and shoved around to catch using baby’s back flowing milk onto your breast where it runs down your side and……

  5. I think everyone has covered it. I’d throw in something to slap you so that you wake up. Kidding, kidding. I think I fell asleep nursing 99% of the time, talk about a sore neck. Oh, maybe a neck pillow would help with that.

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