Baby Flippage

Our version was scheduled for Friday morning at 10 am. They asked us to arrive at 9.

Thursday night was an exhausting whirlwind of installing the car seat, washing baby clothes, and packing hospital bags just in case. We didn’t really think we were going to need them, but you just never know.

We were hot and tired and stressed and anxious. It was not a good combination. I was really scared of the version itself and Catch was frustrated for other reasons, and the two of us were not coping well with each others issues. It wasn’t a great evening. The following morning wasn’t so fantastic, either.

By the time we arrived at labor & delivery on Friday morning, we were doing a bit better. I had made peace with the idea of the version. As the nurse settled me into the room and hooked me up to the monitors, she noted that the baby’s heartbeat was positioned high—a good 3 or 4 inches above my belly button over on the left side—and that she was definitely still breech.

We waited about an hour for the doctor to come in, but he finally arrived with the ultrasound machine in tow. Five minutes later, Catch and I were laughing with the doctor and the nurse as we all stared at a big dark oval on the screen. The baby’s head. In my pelvis. Exactly where it was supposed to be.

No breech baby. No version. No scheduled c-section. Cue the relief!


28 thoughts on “Baby Flippage

  1. Well, how ’bout that?! I’m so glad baby girl decided to give her mamas a happy surprise! She was probably laughing to herself the whole time.

    • That’s exactly what the L & D nurse said! She told me I must have a very long baby. My OB disagreed on Monday, though–signs still point to her being pretty average size-wise. I’m not sure who to believe, though!

  2. I am totally new here – but after reading quite a bit of your blog, just wanted to say thank you! And congrats your darling girl. So happy to hear things are looking good and she is cooperating position wise:-)

    I am an IVF gal (currently during dreaded 2WW, peeing on everything…) and was googling HPT pixs…somehow I got to you. Started reading… and I have to say, I laughter, I cried…it was better than cats! No seriously, reading your story this morning made me smile – and I really needed it. Good luck with delivery… Just around the corner 🙂

    • Aww, thanks so much for the lovely comment! I really hope your sticks are showing signs of promise! I remember how insane those damn tests made me. I was totally nuts! Hang in there and good luck! I will think lots of positive thoughts for you!

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