Moving Week

Have I mentioned that it’s a terrible idea to buy a house in your third trimester of pregnancy? Yes? Well I mean it. I really, really, really mean it. More than I ever meant it when I said it before. This should be on the list of things not to do while pregnant alongside medium rare steak, eggs over easy, and martinis. All three of which I could really use right about now. Along with a nap. And a bottle of Tylenol. And some antacids.

I have lived in rentals for the past 15 years. The thing with rentals is that when you move into them, they are spotless. Everything is clean and all you generally have to do is move in and get settled. This is not the case with a house that has just been vacated by sellers. There’s no requirement that they clean their layers of dirt from the place when they leave. That’s all up to the buyer. And let me tell you—we have some dirt to manage before we move our furniture in and start sleeping there tomorrow.

Poor Catch scrubbed ALL DAY yesterday. I scrubbed off and on for a while in between demands from one person or another that I sit down and rest. Unfortunately, the only chair we had over there yesterday was one of our camping chairs, and it required about as much effort to get OUT of that damn chair as it did to wash the 5 layers of dirt covering the blinds in the laundry room.

Thank goodness we have help. Granted the help comes with strings attached, but I’m in no position to turn down any form of assistance at this point even if it does result in conversations like this:

Mom: When are you having a locksmith out to change the locks?

Me: We’re not.

Mom: Yes you are.

Me: No, we’re not.

Mom: Yes you are.

Me: It’s not a priority right this second. We have a security system. We will change the locks eventually, but we have enough to deal with right now.

Mom: You are changing the locks.

424 unbudgeted dollars later, all eleven (!) freaking locks have been changed or else I would STILL be having this conversation with my mother. She even brought it up at a graduation party last weekend so my COUSINS could chime in and the three of them could gang up on me and tell me how crazy I am for not changing all of the locks first thing. Holy hell, people. I have lived in rentals all of my adult life—how many people have had the keys to all of the other places I’ve lived? Sheesh.

BUT, she did spend yesterday afternoon scrubbing several years of kitchen dirt/grime off of the kitchen cabinets in such a meticulous manner that I have a new understanding as to why she’s had a housekeeper for 20 years. It would take her 3 years to clean the whole house otherwise.

Also, the fridge I ordered is an inch too tall. I measured the width, but the height didn’t even occur to me. This is why you don’t let absent-minded pregnant ladies handle big decisions. ONE INCH. Shoot me. The fridge is being delivered this afternoon and we’re determined to make it work somehow.

Bitching, moaning, achiness and exhaustion aside… I put paint samples on the wall of our baby’s room yesterday. OUR BABY’S ROOM. IN OUR HOUSE.


(Kind of hard to tell, but the room is lavender right now. We’re going to paint it a warm-ish shade of grey. We decided on the last one – Glidden Sutton Place Grey, in case you’re curious. This picture really doesn’t do the colors any justice.)


21 thoughts on “Moving Week

  1. Oh my goodness, I can imagine the hell that is moving in the 3rd trimester! The good news is, you’ll be all settled by the time your sweet little bebe comes, so then you don’t have to worry about it. Or move ever again, if you don’t want to!

    I really hope you can squeeze that fridge into your house. \

    Also – 11 locks?! How many damn doors does that house have?! lol

    • We only have 3 doors! I swear! Lol. I went into the whole locksmith thing thinking 3 doors–no big deal. Then I realized that 2 of the doors have security screens on them, which also have 2 locks. Whoops. Plus a gate. Oh well! Math is hard! Hence my refrigerator screw up!

  2. Oh, lady. If you recall, hubby and I found our house when I was in the 2nd tri and we’re still moving when I entered the 3rd! I totally understand how you feel. And don’t fret if the house isn’t near perfect when you deliver. The lower level to my split-ranch is STILL in boxes packed to the ceiling. 😦

    • I have thought of you many times throughout this process! I keep telling myself that I am not the only pregnant woman who has had to move late in pregnancy. It’s my mantra! Lol.

  3. On another note, I’m very happy for you. As a renter myself for the last 10 years, nothing was more thrilling than bringing Joey home to OUR house where HIS room is. So lovely. I am so happy for you and Catch and your sweet little babe. ❤

  4. I cannot even begin to imagine how you are handling a move right now! Remember to breath, and make a point to get out of the house to decompress a bit from all of the work you are both doing right now.
    Oh, and I have to add that I completely agree with your mom. New locks on all your exterior doors are an absolute must the day you move in. That said, 11 sounds like a lot of locks!
    Best wishes with the fridge. 🙂

    • 11 is a ridiculous number of locks. We only have 3 doors, so it didn’t really occur to me that there would be 11 locks, but I forgot that two of the doors have security screens on them (hello, Los Angeles) so it’s double the locks. I’m sure you saw on Instagram how the fridge turned out, so yeah–I’m pretty much banned from any activity involving a measuring tape!

    • That is the only part of this that makes it worthwhile! I keep telling baby girl that we’re doing this for her and she’d better appreciate coming home to her very own house in 5 weeks (and not a minute sooner!).

  5. Loving the greys too! 38/3 here…had to spend the last 2 night staying in my parents guest house as my Dad put fresh coats of (eco friendly) polyurethane down in our bedroom, hall & kitchen & painted the last of the new framing. Midwife did a home visit this afternoon & was a bit shocked at the state of things still lol. I’ve realized that maybe boy is ready to come but I’m not yet, so am holding on! Putting carpet down in new lounge room tomorrow…then can start to move our furniture in. Feel like I could feasibly go into labour any day!

    • I don’t know how you’re managing all of that when you’re so pregnant! I feel like I’m losing my mind, and you’re 4 weeks ahead of me! You must be so thrilled to be so close to moving furniture in. We’re doing that part today. And by “we,” I mean about a half dozen people who are not me because I was ordered to go to the office like usual and let them take care of it. Not that I’m complaining! I think I definitely got the better end of this deal!

  6. It’s a terrible idea to buy and sell a house and move with a brand new infant too. I hereby commiserate with you on poorly timed choices!

    Your description of your mom kills me. Moms. We can’t live with them but miss them like hell when they’re gone. Take my word for it.

    Wishing you all the best this next crazy couple of weeks. I’ll be thinking of you.

  7. Packed for the move at 40 weeks pg. 3 weeks later, move was with 8 day old infant. Honestly, containerized baby is easier to move but de-containerized did mean I sat down a LOT. Yes, we all survived just fine.
    Second thought that will help throughout the child’s life “if it is really that important to you that it occur right now, please pony up the money for it.” And yes, I believe in changing the locks too. And yes, when it was my daughter’s turn I started by making the offer to pay for it because I was pretty sure their budget wouldn’t go there. But she only had 3 locks…….
    Best wishes and good luck for a super easy birth!

  8. That must be tough, to get all that moving and unpacking done in the next few weeks! Sheesh! And damn! 11 locks!?! That’s crazy! Find a corner in the basement and stack boxes nicely. Every day, try and unpack 2-3 boxes. that’s what we did! It took us well over a month to really get situated, but it got done, there was minimal stress, and we got to declutter and get rid of stuff at the same time. Take it easy ok! Rest..a lot! Drink plenty of water, and learn some magic spells to get the fridge to shrink an inch. Also, that wall in the nursery is like that dress that took over FB…i see white and gold!

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