Hi Baby

So, I had an ultrasound yesterday. It was requested by my perinatologist a few weeks ago because she had a few minor concerns. Can you even believe I managed not to mention that?

The issue was that although my OB said my anatomy scan was “perfect,” the perinatologist saw some blood accumulated behind my placenta, which is indicative of a placental abruption. It was small and it didn’t seem to be causing any issues, but she wanted a follow up scan at 24 weeks to make sure it was healing.

I was able to be very zen about this particular development because the anatomy scan she was working from was done at 19 weeks. At 21 weeks, I had that car accident and I ended up in labor & delivery where they were specifically looking for signs of abruption. I really believe that if there was anything to worry about, labor & delivery would have seen something on their scan.

Anyway, I haven’t heard from the doctor about yesterday’s scan, but I’m not worried. The up side to all of this is that we got to see our baby girl yesterday, and I will NEVER complain about a chance to see this little one.

She was lying sideways with her head at one of my hips and her butt at the other one, so the poor tech was having a really difficult time getting what she needed from her. After a bit of prodding, she was able to get her to move her legs enough to give us one more confirmation that she’s a she. (A little reassurance before the baby shower invitations go out was kind of nice!)

She wouldn’t tell me how the baby was measuring which kind of made me crazy, but the top of our picture says 24w2d (when I was really 24w5d), so I’m guessing that answers our question. That puts her 3 days behind. She was 2 days behind at our anatomy scan. I don’t need to worry about a couple of days, do I? She’s still pretty much on track, right?

Also, I learned yesterday that I have an anterior placenta. No one mentioned it before (?). She said she was having a hard time getting clear photos because the u/s doesn’t like to penetrate the placenta. It actually makes me feel a bit better because although I feel baby girl moving pretty regularly, I don’t feel her as much as I think I should. I kept telling myself she’s just a lazy baby, but if she’s hiding out behind the placenta, it makes sense. Most of the strong thumps I get are VERY low or off to the sides.

We told the tech that we were hoping for a better picture of our baby girl this time. The one they gave us at our anatomy scan was kind of terrifying to look at. (I never even posted it!) Since she was in such a terrible position, this was the best she could get, but it’s INFINITELY better than the last one. She’s holding her hand up near her chin.

24 week ultrasound

I am counting the minutes until I can meet her and flip the pregnancy anxiety switch OFF.


Edited for Lindsay to add:

19 week anatomy scan. I can’t decide if it she looks like something out of a horror film, or like one of those images of Jesus that people see burned into their toast.



21 thoughts on “Hi Baby

    • I kept thinking it would pass after one milestone or another, but I’m starting to accept that the anxiety is here for the long haul. Just one more thing we can hold over their heads for life, I suppose!

      • Yes…it’s my excuse to squeeze them, hug them and kiss them in public….all the way through their adult years!! hahaha. Embarrassing parent over here and I don’t care. LOL 🙂

  1. That’s gonna be an adorable baby! I can already tell…and don’t worry about measurements and weights and stuff too much. They are all based on formulas—->if the head is this big, and the femur is this big, and the hands aren’t sticking their middle fingers up, then your baby weight about this much…it’s as accurate as it can be, but the sonographer may not have taken the measurements correctly…so no sweat…as long as she’s not measuring, lets say 20 weeks, then everything is fine…right where she should be…and hloy crap 24 weeks! When the hell did that happen!?!

  2. Loving your updates, as I am just a week behind you and having so many similar experiences (anterior placenta, terrified of the 3D type pics, and more!). We just visited my brother & his wife & their newborn, and I’m afraid the anxiety won’t stop for us when the babies are out- but it may be dulled by exhaustion! 🙂 🙂 And tempered with sweet baby snuggles.

    • Oh definitely! I just feel like the pregnancy anxiety is so different because you can’t just go look at them to make sure they’re still breathing. There’s more drama when they’re invisible! It makes me insane!

    • Catch’s sister is throwing us one on May 9th and then my family is throwing another one on May 17th. We are very, very lucky! I’ll only be 30/31 weeks then, but late May & June get too crazy for our families with graduations, birthdays and vacations.

  3. She’s really adorable! I think I’d say no news is good news. I kinda wanna see this terrifying photo of the previous scan you’re talking about, lol.

  4. Measurements on ultrasound are plus/minus 5 days AND the farther along we are the less reliable the dating becomes (which is why most OBs do not revise due dates from an early dating ultrasound) so I would not fret about a one-day difference from your last ultrasound. Hope that helps. 🙂

  5. Oh Yep – that surely is an alien scan shot lol. We didn’t get one like that but he wouldn’t turn to a full profile so we only saw a hint of nose and no clear pics or views. I have an anterior placenta too. Kind of bummed I dont get the full rippling belly movements and kicks that I hear about from other ladies in my due date group. But as he gets bigger starting to finally feel more. Rather than just the down low kicks. Yesterday he had his feet up between my ribs & hip and I was lying on side so skin was taut and I could see and feel him running some body part – I guess a foot? – backwards and forwards and kicking and wriggling. VERY CUTE. I took videos for the wife who is still in the Caribbean. You also got to be careful with Anterior placement with car accidents and falls, so I’m specially glad yours was all okay!

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