24 Weeks

24 weeks

It feels like pregnancy has been a constant reality check for me. At this point, the “holy shit, I’m pregnant” moments have morphed into, “holy shit, we’re having a BABY” moments. They hit me about as frequently as my cravings for chocolate donuts. I’ll let your imagination do that math.

The other day, I was changing a few things on our baby registry and I realized that people are already buying things. Shower invitations haven’t even been sent yet. It’s madness. Baby girl has presents. Holy reality check, donut man.

Yesterday, I filled an entire page of my office notebook with doodles of our daughter’s name in various ink colors. And I work in design / marketing, so I have EVERY ink color. Suddenly, I was sitting there feeling like one of the stalker girls from junior high who would write “Mrs. <insert crush name>” all over their book covers. I was afraid I’d accidentally flip to that page in a meeting and people would wonder what the hell was wrong with me, so I ripped out the page and threw it away. Catch is mad at me for not taking a picture first.

The point of that whole tangent being that we have a DAUGHTER. One who is now considered medically viable! And she has a NAME. And presents. Because she is REAL. Holy shit, chocolate donuts, etc.

So here I am, 24 weeks (and some change) pregnant. I thought it might be time to finally share the bump. Shameless bathroom selfie warning! I happen to be wearing a particularly bump-friendly dress today, so you’re in luck that it actually looks like a bump. Most of the time, it just looks like I’ve gained back the 50 pounds I lost pre-pregnancy. Just this week, one of my coworkers said, “Wait, you’re PREGNANT?” I was in fine form (NOT) when I replied (in my best bitch voice), “Did you think I was just getting fatter?” Awkward.



48 thoughts on “24 Weeks

  1. You look fantastic and super cute with your bump!!
    And, I agree with catch you should totally have taken a picture before throwing out the doodles. That said, I don’t recommend rummaging through the office garbage to find the piece of paper… 🙂

  2. Your posts always make me smile. I think it’s sweet that you are doodling her name and daydreaming about her. I doodle my future children’s names. (Trying the whole “positive-thinking/will it into existence” thing.) And, p.s. you look sooooo pretty!! Your bump is precious.

    • Aww, thanks! I totally hear you on the “will into existence.” I really think there’s something to that. When you’re back on the horse, I will doodle some positive thoughts for you!

  3. Love it! I remember at some point not worrying so much suddenly realizing that the baby was going to have to come out! It amazing how things change so quickly and feel like they’re moving so slowly.

    • You are so right! The days drag and the weeks fly. It’s pretty insane. And I am starting to have some total panic over the whole “coming out” aspect of this!

  4. You look fabulous! At week 31, my “Oh crap! We’re having a baby!” moments are more frequent. Hang in there! ❤

  5. I found my page of doodles of Clementine’s [non-blog] name the other day! Of course I promptly felt guilty for not having doodled the name of her little sibling. Oh the tragedy of not being the firstborn…

    Fun photo, and I agree, cute dress. I am excited for dress weather here in the snowy north.

  6. You absolutely look pregnant! and fabulous! I have that white BR sweater by the way… I can’t believe it’s viability time. I didn’t even realize because I don’t have an appointment until Friday. Wow, baby girl has a name and presents that is crazy awesome! I had the donut thing too, so funny I never eat those.

      • You inspired me/gave me “permission” to wear a maxi dress to work today with a cardigan. I try to wear maternity pants most days because I think they look more official, but it’s so nice to wear a dress! Yes we’re moved in. It’s beautiful but the move was really hard. I’ll post tomorrow. I also have a midwife appt at Kaiser tomorrow. Baby is moving a ton. She sends a hug to your baby!

      • I look forward to hearing all about it! I was doing the same with pants at the office, but dresses are so much more comfortable. I ordered 3 more this week from Old Navy. The office is just going to have to get used to it! It’s so awesome that your little one is so active! Mine is pretty lazy most of the time lately. Although she totally wigged out when Harry Belafonte randomly came on my ipod in the car this morning. I was pretty amused! Baby hugs right back to Glitter!

      • That’s amazing, that she reacted to the music! I’m going to try that. I haven’t had a bathtub for the last two years and finally got to take a bath in my own home this week. I out Vivaldi on to expose her to some relaxing bath and classical music 🙂

        I trekked up to Glendale mall to Destination Maternity a few weeks ago. They have lots of maxis. I think we have a good excuse to wear them at work and we’re almost in the third tri!

  7. You look great. I was huge at 24 weeks, you look cute and pregnant! I remember the awe of “we are going to have a son” still is a little surreal 8 months in.

  8. Holy chocolate donuts! What a great bump you’ve got there. I think it’s super cute that you’re doing things like scribbling/doodling her name because shit is getting REAL soon (okay, not that soon, but sorta soon). Congrats to little girl on reaching viability!

  9. Get it GURL!!! You look amazing!! And that hair!!!!! I have a thing for red hair, which Callie thinks is super creepy, since she pretty much hates it, but anyways, YAY viability!!! So excited for your little baby. She’ll be here before you know it! Would love to know your registry info when you get a chance…

    • Thank you! I can’t believe C hates red hair! I totally love my red hair. I probably identify with it a bit too much. Hah. I did hate it when I was younger, though. I always dreamed of being blonde like all of the other perfect little girls in Catholic school. Gag.

  10. Beautiful! I had a colleague who was very surprised to realize I was pregnant at 8 months so don’t feel too bad. Some people don’t see what’s right in front of them.

  11. Look at you – you look amazing! If only I had looked so good whilst pregnant. As for the gifts – be prepared to be so surprised and awed by the generosity of others. Nothing like a baby to bring out the best and generosity in people. I was floored by all we were given when I was pregnant and after Evelyn arrived.

    • You are too sweet! There is definitely something about babies that makes people go a bit crazy. I know I do it, too. It’s so easy to get carried away with tiny cuteness.

  12. Hurray for viability! I too wish you would have taken a picture. I think it’s quite adorable that you are so in love with your baby. The good thing is there are 16ish more weeks to start daydream doodling again and snap a photo 😉

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