Alien Belly, etc.

Poor Catch has been really frustrated because every time I tell her that baby girl is moving, the movement stops the moment Catch’s hand reaches my belly. I feel bad, but her movement is just so erratic that it’s hard to know whether a thump is going to be just a thump or if it will be a string of thumps.

Tuesday night, I was lying in bed while Catch was brushing her teeth. Baby girl was being pretty active, but I was hesitant to say anything because I didn’t want Catch to be upset if she ran over and the activity stopped. This time, though, I happened to be looking down at my belly and I realized for the first time that I can actually see this little monkey’s movements from the outside now. I really never paid attention before!

I laughed because it was just so incredibly bizarre (and amazing) and Catch came into the bedroom asking what was so funny. She absolutely didn’t believe me. Fortunately, she sat down next to me and watched for a moment and she was able to see for herself! Once she saw a thump from the outside, she put her hand on my belly and finally felt this little one move for the first time. Cue the smiles.

Two milestones in one evening. It was pretty wonderful.

I guess technically it was 3 milestones if you count the 5 minutes she spent using my bladder as a trampoline while we were watching TV on the couch. That was a first, too. What a crazy sensation that is!

Totally unrelated to all of that, I finished knitting baby girl’s little green dress yesterday. It still needs washing, blocking and some embellishment, but seriously… it’s a tiny dress. For my very own tiny human. I am in love.


And speaking of clothes for tiny humans, I found a really cute (and brand new) Etsy shop (AelaAnneandCompany) via Instagram the other day. I bought a tiny little raglan shirt that says, “#TEAMTWOMOMS,” but I am equally in love with their You Are My Sunshine shirt.


13 thoughts on “Alien Belly, etc.

  1. It must be so wonderful for Catch to finally feel her kicks! Total Alien belly though- seeing it happen! Crazy. Nice work on the dress. Is it from a pattern or did you freehand it?

  2. So precious. She will be adorable in that dress. And her shirt should say “Team Two AWESOME Moms”. What a blessed little girl she already is!

  3. Oh, that first kick is so lovely…and the next thousand, until it feels like they’re trying to kick their way out of your rib cage. Forget the clothes, it’s all about the tiny shoes for me!

  4. Adorable dress!!! Hey I love your choice in knitwear – although we are having to make boy choices and sadly miss out on the little girl dresses… so do you have any cute little vest or jumper (sweater) patterns that ny clever mum could knit. She looks at Revelry, but it’s so immense it’s a bit boggling. If you have, or come across any cute ideas could you email a link to me? joyous crocodile at g to the mail dot com 🙂

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