A Tip for Supporting Your Pregnant Daughter in Law


Private message her this pin on Pinterest:


You had good intentions, and it may even be something your daughter in law was already considering, but really… just don’t do it.  She does not need unsolicited advice about shrinking her post-partum belly from her mother in law. 


I am starting to fear the moment when Pinterest notifies me that I have a new private message. I blame two parties for this: 1) the coworkers who pitched in and got my MIL an iPad as a retirement gift, and 2) Catch for teaching her how to use the Pinterest app.

22 thoughts on “A Tip for Supporting Your Pregnant Daughter in Law

  1. My aunt (who I LOVE, really) put on my fb wall that story that was going around this week about the baby that was a girl at the ultrasound but born a boy. I wanted to be like WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME I’VE ALREADY SEEN IT AND I’M TRYING TO FORGET ABOUT IT BECAUSE IT’S SO EFFING STRESSFUL TO THINK ABOUT.

    Good intentions….I guess.

    • I’m glad it’s not just me! I love her to death though, so I’m trying to just count my blessings that she feels comfortable with me to suggest something like that.

  2. First of all, LMFAO!!! You just gotta laugh at shit like that. I just KNEW that my MIL and my Mom getting FB and Pinterest was going to be a nightmare, and I was right! Comical for sure, but a nightmare. Forgive them for they know what they do…lol

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