The Doppler

Baby girl has been pretty damn active the last few days, leading me to feel even more ridiculous about that middle of the night doppler purchase than I already did. Yesterday, she was doing chorus line kicks while I was in a serious meeting with my boss and it was all I could do to keep a straight face while talking. There is absolutely no question that I have a tiny little human growing in there no matter how hard it is for me to wrap my head around that reality.

Last night, Catch said that we should try to get a decent video of baby’s heartbeat before bed. We didn’t need it for reassurance; we just wanted to have it with us on our phones so we could hear her anytime we want. After a few minutes of fidgeting and searching, we got a good clip of a nice loud heartbeat that I have already listened to about a thousand times.

Then, I sent it to my parents. That’s when I finally got over my buyer’s remorse. They were both so amazed by that little heartbeat. They absolutely loved it. My dad is not a very expressive kind of guy, but he was thrilled. They kept commenting on how fast it is or how loud it is. It was pretty cute to see them so excited.

The doppler has paid for itself. Not exactly in the “peace of mind” way that I expected when I bought it in a panic at 2 am, but it got to help people who have not been to the doctor appointments or seen the ultrasounds feel a bit more connected to our baby girl. How could that ever be a bad thing?

19 thoughts on “The Doppler

    • I think I have some kind of disease, because I am ALL about pink these days. If there is a choice, I choose pink. I’m hoping I get over it soon. 🙂

  1. I really wish I had gotten a doppler. Whenever I’m pregnant again, I’m going to hit you up for info on what brand you got. I won’t remember if I ask now 😉

  2. We used to love sitting there at night and listening to the boys heartbeats. Those were the best nights…and when my parents would come over and we would all listen, the way my dad would smile and my moms eyes would gloss over made it worth every penny…

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