22 Weeks


It is totally surreal to be over halfway through the 2nd trimester. As of today, there are 40 days remaining until the 3rd trimester and 124 days remaining until our due date. (Yes, I have a countdown on my phone!) Time is starting to fly! It’s moderately alarming. Baby showers are being planned by our families, registries are being tweaked, and conversations that were hypothetical a few months ago are becoming a bit more real and necessary. As much as I would love to linger in the land of car seat/stroller reviews, it’s time to get serious about things like:

  1. Maternity leave specifics (I asked HR to review this with me weeks ago so we can budget accordingly, but she keeps putting me off. Grrrrrr.)
  2. My advance health care directive (Catch knows my wishes, but I think it makes it so much easier for overwhelmed loved ones if these things are spelled out on paper)
  3. Day care
  4. Who will have legal guardianship for our child in the event that we both die or become incapacitated
  5. Additional life insurance

These are the things I can’t even look at without feeling anxious/overwhelmed. Hell, #3 alone has been giving me nightmares. $250 a week??? I die. Please refer to item #2.

Physically, I am feeling pretty good. Undeniably pregnant, and definitely feeling like I have a papaya hanging out in my midsection, but good. On Saturday, we cleaned the house and the yard and then had a good friend over for dinner. (I made some Greek-inspired things that were fantastic—will have to do another post with some of the recipes.) I had to rest several times throughout the day, and by the time our friend arrived I was crampy, uncomfortable, and close to comatose in a lounge chair out back. Note to self: You cannot go all day like you used to! We still had a nice evening, but I spent most of yesterday recovering.

We’ve had some setbacks on the house-buying front, but I’m trying not to let it get to me. At this point, it’s very unlikely that we’ll have time to find a place before the arrival of baby girl, which means we’re going to have to make do for a few months in our tiny 1-bedroom place until we sort things out. Our nursery “plans” have become nursery “hypotheticals,” and last night at dinner we had a serious discussion about how to rearrange the furniture in the house to make room for a bassinet, some baby storage and a few other baby necessities. I despise the idea of being stuck at home on maternity leave during the worst heat of the summer in 600 square feet with my wife, two dogs, a baby attached to me, and no central air conditioning. It’s not going to be easy or comfortable, but as tempting as moving may be, it really doesn’t make sense to toss the home-buying plans and move to another rental at this point. I’m just going to have to deal. But it sucks.

If you follow me on Instagram (houndmamas), you know that I’ve been knitting away on her baby blanket and the little dress/tunic I started a few weeks ago. I think I’m going to add a big pale yellow flower to the lower front of the dress once it’s done. We’ll see. It definitely needs something.




Blanket colors… I forced myself to start with the dull colors!

So that’s 22 weeks in a nutshell. I’m hoping week 23 will lead with, “Catch finally got to feel the baby kick!”  So far, every time she gets busy thumping hard enough to warrant me grabbing Catch, she stops moving the moment Catch’s hand hits my belly.  Stubborn baby!

24 thoughts on “22 Weeks

  1. Not sure if it makes you feel any better, but I spent the first nearly 2 years of Evelyn’s life in a 1-bedroom home without air conditioning. And we survived! Now mind you, I wasn’t hugely pregnant in that heat. But it was still very…sticky.

    I love the colors you chose for her blanket! You’re a fabulous knitter! I have not yet got the hang of knitting in the round. I knit flat and sew together. But I neeeeeeeed to learn to knit in the round. Got any good tips?

    • We’ve lived in our place through 6 hot LA summers, so I know we can survive. I’m still hoping for a miracle, though! I’m also waiting for the neighbors to start freaking out once they realize that I’m pregnant and we’re not moving. We live in a triplex and only share one wall, but still… they already put up with the howling hounds and now they get a screaming infant as a reward for their patience. Hah!

      As for knitting in the round–it is seriously SO easy. Nothing to it. You just have to jump in and give it a try! When I teach friends to knit, their first project is always a hat knit in the round because I want to show them how not intimidating it is! It’s really no different from flat knitting… you just cast on, knit your first row and then instead of turning your work, you keep going in a circle. It’s so much easier when you’re knitting something with stockinette stitch because there’s no purling… you just keep knitting the whole time. Go find a pattern for a simple hat for Evelyn, get yourself some 16″ circular needles, and give it a try!

    • We actually do have two window units. The one in the bedroom is great because the bedroom is so tiny, but the one in the living room is worthless because that room gets direct afternoon sun. It was 92 here yesterday, and the living room was 85. Once we hit the triple digits, all bets are off!

  2. I cannot believe you are already at 22 weeks!! That’s so awesome! I’m sorry the house buying hasn’t gone well. I hope you can get creative and find a way to make your current apartment function for everyone.
    And as always I just adore our knitting – simply beautiful!!

  3. One couple I know ended up not being able to buy until after their kid was born. They were bummed until the timing worked out to buy juuuuust as the kid was becoming mobile. Their brilliant plan? Baby proof an empty house and THEN move in…worked great!

    Sounds like the pregnancy is trucking along nicely, even if the surrounding logistics are stressing you out. I have no doubt you’ll figure it out in due time (or before due time, I guess…). Good luck to Catch; I don’t think I felt movement in Lime’s belly until week 24 or maybe even later…so frustrating!

  4. Well yay for 22 weeks! I’m sorry the housing situation isn’t ideal, but I hope the perfect home finds you once you’re nicely settled into motherhood and can handle the effort of looking around. No A/C is nuts! I’m glad you have the window units though. I can’t wait to see the blanket all done! I think I might knit something for our Dumplin’ soon too.

  5. Those blanket colors are so beautiful. I’ll post a pic of my blanket soon! I love that you’re a knitter! The moving thing is really frustrating. I know you WANT a nursery even if you don’t NEED one. So many changes are overwhelming and I’m glad you’ve made a decision so you can nest 🙂

    • I hope your new place has a/c! I would die without our window units. I spent most of Sunday holed up in the bedroom with the curtains closed and the air on! I’m glad the heat is supposed to ease up a bit because I am not ready for this sh*t in March!!!

  6. Just reading about no AC makes me hot as hell! We live in in apartment, so it’s window units in every room except the nursery (they have a ceiling fan which should be fine if we leave the door open) and the kitchen. Hopefully, you’ll find something sooner than you think. House/apartment hunting is some serious business…

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