A Quickie

Just popping in for a quickie to say thank you for the kind words on my last post.  I am still recovering mentally from the excitement.  Baby girl is apparently absolutely fine, but she hasn’t been moving as much as she was last week, so I’m a little paranoid.  I took yesterday off from work to rest, and I won’t tell you how much of the day I spent lying on my left side trying to coax her to give me a kick or two.  It’s not that she’s NOT moving.  She absolutely is.  It’s just that last week she was a freaking gymnast and the last few days it feels more like she’s kicked back in a hammock with a drink in her hand.

I know I just need to give it a rest and stop worrying, but easier said than done.  Fortunately, I don’t have to wait long for my next doctor appointment, because I see the perinatologist on Monday. I know that if I’m still wound up by then, she’ll be able to talk me down from the ledge.

On a lighter note, Catch and I have been slowly but surely working on our baby registry. I popped on to Amazon this morning to add something that had just occurred to me.  You know how Amazon likes to make suggestions to you for things you should consider?  Well it does that quite a bit with registries.  Today, it gave me this:


I mean what was I thinking? How could I possibly have thought that any baby registry would be complete without the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack? I think I will make this my go to baby shower gift from now on.

17 thoughts on “A Quickie

  1. I’m really not surprised that you are still mentally recovering, and I’m also not surprised at all to read that you are worried about baby girl – how can you not be?!
    Oh, and yes, I think you should make 50 shades of grey soundtrack your new go-to baby gift. Ha!

  2. I just read about your accident…so glad things are OK! Times like that are when you wish you could be like Tom Cruise and have your own ultrasound machine in your house :). I’m sure baby girl is just fine. Hanging out on your left side can’t hurt though.
    Amazon is so helpful, right? That’s so funny!

  3. So glad you’re ok and baby is ok! When did you first start feeling her? I’m going mad waiting to feel my baby!

    • I started feeling flutters pretty consistently at 15 weeks, but I didn’t start feeling real definitive thumps until 19 weeks. You should start feeling him soon! In the beginning, I could really only feel her when I was lying quietly in bed at night.

    • I just told my wife the other day that I don’t know what’s worse–worrying about her while she’s inside or worrying about her once she’s on the outside! I see anti-anxiety drugs in my future!

  4. I would need someone to talk me off the ledge for sure! But maybe if you listen to that soundtrack it will calm your nerves? Blahahaha that is the funniest registry suggestion ever. Hilarious!

  5. When Evelyn was in utero, she would have VERY quiet days, usually 3-4 in a row. And it was usually right after those quiet days that my belly (and presumably she) would grow. A LOT. Growth spurt! I’m sure that’s what this is.

    • You have no idea how much better you just made me feel. I haven’t felt her since very early this morning and it’s making me crazy nervous. I keep reading that it’s normal not to feel them for long periods of time during the 2nd trimester, but that just hasn’t been the case so far (and the timing is awful). But it doesn’t mean this isn’t totally normal. I really need to chill out!

  6. I remember those days very well. I was always so nervous! I would beg her to just give me one tap to let me know she was ok. It’s normal but I do understand your anxiety!

  7. I’m glad you and the baby are ok. I hope she starts dancing more. And as a matter of fact, I already had that 50 Shades soundtrack on my registry, so now I know I’m not alone! Lol

    • Haha. I wonder what suggestions it would make if I actually added it. Handcuffs? I’d probably have to go for fuzzy pink ones to pass that off on a baby registry though, huh?

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