Knitting for Baby

It took two days of jury duty (UGH–jury duty–another story for another day) last week to help me get back into my knitting groove.  As I was flying out the door, I grabbed some needles and some pink cotton yarn and decided I was just going to wing it with a simple baby hat.

It turns out that my math was a bit off on my first attempt, and it’s more of a toddler hat than an infant hat.  It’s very simple, but still cute.


Once that one was finished, I immediately cast on for hat #2, which actually (loosely) follows a pattern.  I finished this one on my lunch break today, and it’s pretty damn adorable.


And with that, the baby knitting is officially under way.  I ordered yarn to make her a blanket yesterday.  Now that I’ve started (and finished) a couple of things, MAYBE Catch will let me bring a bit more of my yarn stash in from the garage.  Just one more box, honey?  Please?


20 thoughts on “Knitting for Baby

    • Haha… I would teach you in a heartbeat if you were closer! It’s actually a great hobby for someone with an inability to sit still. I can’t sit still to save my life, but if you give me some knitting, I can sit for hours.

      • Haha…my counsellor has suggested on more then one occasion I take up knitting because I cannot sit still.
        And, you make a good point that the distance is clearly the drawback of our blogging friendship. I’d love to learn from you! 🙂

    • I am jealous of your patience! For me, it needs to be simple! I just can’t get into the leaves, lace & such. I always start out so ambitious, and then it ends up gathering dust in a bag that I am ashamed to look at. (I have a humiliating number of abandoned projects in bags.) I was looking at so many GORGEOUS baby blanket patterns thinking i want to make her something beautiful, but then I decided I would rather she have a FINISHED blanket.

      • Ahh … The world that is the UFO !!! I too have several unfinished objects of my own 😂 it’s one of those things that I either feel the love for the pattern or it festers on a stick waiting to be ripped out! I love the star stitch it comes together SO quick and looks amazing … And I loooove the blackberry Salad crochet stitch on revelry! Can’t wait to see your creations 😍

  1. My wife’s the knitter in my house. Clem got a lovely blanket, a tiny sweater that made her look a bit like an Ewok, and several hats. There was also a wee purple dress that never made it to the more complicated stitches. When we started planning for number two I asked my wife if she’d pick it back up in the event of another XX karyotype. She laughed at me.

  2. I made the boys blankets to bring home in from the hospital and matching hats…it’s funny because I hadn’t crocheted in what felt like years! This makes me wanna break out my hook and get some more stuff done…maybe some new hats are in order…those are super cute!

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