Do you guys know what I’m most grateful for this morning?


Because I know you will be the voice of reason no matter what I throw out there.

I know that when I tell you that our baby girl’s nursery (when we have one… eventually) will be decorated in the vintage WPA national parks poster prints we’ve been saving from several years worth of calendars, you will not roll your eyes at me.  I have a “Camping Nursery” board on Pinterest.  We are outdoors-y people.  It suits us.

IMG_7115 IMG_7114 IMG_7116

(These aren’t necessarily the prints we’ll use–just a few samples from the calendar I happen to have in my office right now.)

You also will not roll your eyes at my desire for a simple, modern crib and bright accent colors to go with our grey glider.

You will not do what my MIL is doing, and private message me the most frilly, girly nurseries out there on Pinterest.  Such as:

nursery snip

It’s beautiful, but not my taste in the least.  I am not a pastel ruffles & crystal chandeliers kind of person.  Anyone who has ever stepped foot inside my house knows that.

This room is for a BABY.  A baby who will not care whether she is surrounded by smoky mountains or pink glittery unicorns.  But you know who will care?  Her moms.  Because we’ll be the ones who have to look at it day in and day out while sleep deprived and grouchy.

Then, we have my own mother who is insisting that the GREY glider we purchased the week before last is actually brown.

Am I insane?  Does this look brown to you?  The color is even called ASH.



Our mothers are going to destroy me.  I’m sure of it.

Years and years ago, my old boss got into a World War III level fight with her mother over her toddler daughter’s Easter dress.  I couldn’t even BEGIN to understand that argument.  It seemed absolutely ridiculous to me that two grown women would stop speaking to one another over a dress that a toddler would wear for all of 2 or 3 hours.

But you know what?  I maybe kind of get it now.

You have now reached the end of this morning’s dramatic pregnant lady rant.


16 thoughts on “Gratitude


    And YAY for your nursery theme. I think that’s fucking badASS, right there. It took me way too long to be comfortable enough to think about a nursery, so I didn’t have one planned and we ended up going with one through Babies ‘R’ Us (you know, where they have everything for the theme like the lamp and bedsheets and so on). I really wish I’d been able to add a more personal touch than I will, but oh well. He’s a baby; he won’t care.

    And also YAY for not going gender-crazy with the nursery. Not that I have a problem with people who do…everyone is entitled to what they want! But I always get mad when people say something isn’t boy-ish or girly enough. Jeez. Mine is a pretty neutral theme: woodsy, with foxes and owls…the walls are cream w/one orange accented wall…I mean, you do YOU.

    Anyway. I was going to rant some more with you but my husband just got here and I need to go for an ultrasound. WHOOP. Please post pics of your nursery once it is put together. I’m SUPER interested. 😀 😀 😀

  2. That chair is NOT brown. And I love your nursery ideas! So much better than the frilly, mainstream stuff. It has your personalities and heart in it, and that’s what matters most! It’ll be beautiful!

  3. That chair is absolutely grey! And I love, love, love thee nursery idea! We are also super outdoorsy people and so the idea of decorating it that way makes perfect sense to me. And, the very idea of frilly baby stuff makes me cringe. Remember, you will spend all your time in that room not the grandparents, so it had better be something you like! 🙂

  4. I think your theme is great! To each their own! I like to think that our theme is somewhere between over the top girly and not at all girly. And those prints are super cool-kudos to you for saving them!

  5. The glider is gray. This is not a ‘dress’ level debate, for sure.
    I LOVE the theme! I love that you are doing something unique and thoughtful and that feels good to you. And, I too am learning how deeply committed to irrational shit parents (specifically moms) get when it comes to babies. So, my heart is with you. I can’t wait to see the completed project!

  6. Those calendar pictures are amazing and a great idea. It will go prefect with your GREY glider.

    If you read my last blog entry you know all to well how I feel about frilly things and others giving their input 😉

  7. It is most definitely gray…and I know because I have it! And I absolutely love the nursery idea! Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished! I totally agree…our nursery is a place *I* want to be. Because these children are not going to care.

  8. I think I’ve that that defective gene, I can see it looking brown-ish in a certain light. Sorry!!!!

    That being said, lol to your MIL’s suggestions. We recently found out my MIL has been buying baby stuff (and jinxing us, at least that’s why we tell ourselves I’m not pregnant yet).

  9. Oh dear 😦 I now have nursery envy and like yours better than my idea. Lol. If it wasn’t for my friends watercolors I may even have changed my theme to camping hehe. Obviously what I am saying is – that may be the coolest damn nursery idea I’ve seen. Hmmmmmph. 😉

  10. The nursery will be so cute. I also have a camping nursery board on PInterest. You’d love the mural I’m painting if I ever finish it. There are so many cute things I still want to get for his room. We are going to get M a little boat bookshelf soon, I can’t wait.

  11. We always said that if we had a girl we were not doing pink and purple frilly fufu stuff! We wanted a nautical themed room no matter what gender for the very same reason. Baby has no idea what the hell is going on (in general terms) but we are the ones that have to go in there and sit in that rocker for hours at 3am. It needs to be appealing to me (aside the fact that Callie and I fell in love on the water, so it was only logical to have a nautical themed nursery!) I absolutely LOVE your idea! If i find anything cool , I’ll be getting your address and sending it to you…i might actually have some really cool laminated hiking trail maps from the Shawangunk Mountains (my favorite place in the world!)

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