Lazy Sunday – 20 Weeks 

It’s a lazy Sunday in our house. After breakfast and a walk, we all migrated back to bed. Catch is reading, I’m knitting and the puppies are napping. 

The occasional wiggle from baby girl reminds me how few lazy Sundays we have left before she changes everything. I am simultaneously grateful and terrified. 

20 weeks to go. 


9 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday – 20 Weeks 

  1. Mmm sounds very nice, and way better than the horrible reason I stayed in bed all morning! I love that your knitting. We’re terrified but mostly excited, totally normal!

  2. We’re having a lazy Sunday here as well. Just out to the RE for a scan, to the big-box-store to pick up the fertility meds, and then next to nothing for the rest of the day. 🙂

    • Do your basset butts get into the kind of trouble mine do? We went shopping briefly on Saturday and they stole an entire cherry pie off of the kitchen counter and ate it throughout the house so we had sticky cherry EVERYWHERE. Including all over them!

      • OMG that sounds like a mess! And yes, mine are excellent counter surfers too (despite being vertically challenged). They are into everything. Shiloh was covered in mud this morning bc she was trying to dig up a mole in the backyard and I was almost late for work bc I had to clean her (and me) off when I finally got her to come inside. I figure it’s good training for a toddler because they keep me on my toes. It’s a good thing they are so cute!

      • Glad I’m not alone with the counter surfing monsters. Man, those hound noses just kill me! Nothing is safe! But you’re right–excellent training for toddlerhood. And as a bonus, our house is already babyproof courtesy of our two short-legged monsters!

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