Give me curry, or give me curry–15w4d

We officially made it to week 15 on Saturday. To celebrate, I am going to order Thai curry from every Thai restaurant in town until I find the one that will make me stop craving Thai curry. Once that’s settled, we’ll move on to Indian. Mind you, Catch won’t eat Indian or Thai, so this will be a lonesome endeavor.

I’ve had lots of cravings. If you talk about food I will probably want to eat that food, but those cravings are generally fleeting. The curry thing is the only craving that has been ongoing. In fact, I made it a condition* of shopping with my mother on Saturday that we could shop as long as we could have Indian for dinner.

*It took me 10 minutes, a trip down the hall to ask a coworker, and a thesaurus to help me think of the word “condition” just now. I walked into my friend’s office and said, “In a contract, what do you call it when one party agrees to do something as long as the other party agrees to do something else?” She looked at me like I was crazy. This baby is making me stupid.

Anyway, 15 weeks. Things are going reasonably well. I think. Maybe. It’s hard to say since I haven’t seen or heard the baby in 3 weeks. After so many weekly ultrasounds, this information void is painful. I’m hoping I’ll at least get to hear a Doppler heartbeat when I meet with a midwife for a physical exam on February 9th. I wish I could just email my doctor and tell her I’m neurotic and need reassurance, but this woman is going to be manhandling my vagina in the future and I really want to stay on her good side.

Speaking of sides, it doesn’t matter what side of me you’re looking at, I still don’t look pregnant. Just fat. Which is fine, except that it does nothing to reassure me that I AM pregnant. The only thing it reassures me of is that I made the right decision having turkey kale soup for lunch today rather than pursuing takeout curry. I can absolutely say that my belly is making it slightly difficult to reach forward for my water when I’m sitting on the couch. It feels weird that I’m happy about that.

The other day, I asked Catch if she ever has those “holy shit, we’re having a baby” moments that I’ve been having often. Her response? “No. I am just totally excited that we’re having a baby.” One of many reasons why I love her.

Finally, WHERE THE HELL DID THESE BOOBS COME FROM? Dear dog. They’re still sore as hell and we’ve now added shooting pains and itchiness to the mix. It just seems so unfair. Hey universe—if you’re going to give me big boobs, at least make it so I can have some fun with them!


23 thoughts on “Give me curry, or give me curry–15w4d

  1. Baby brain is SO REAL! It’s shocking to me the things I can no longer think of/remember! Also, are you wearing maternity clothes yet? They helped me look more pregnant less just-fat. I also found that a belly band over mat pants helped to both keep the maternity pants up AND rounded out my bump! But if I’m being honest, the bump only really took off in the late 2nd early third tri! I can’t believe you’re at 15 weeks already!!!

    • Oh yes–definitely in the maternity pants. They help a bit, but I have a serious case of B-belly right now. I’ve seen some other ladies recommend adding the band to the maternity pants too, so I’ll probably give it a shot at some point. For the moment I’m not all that bothered by it, but I know in a couple of weeks I’m going to start getting pissy about my midsection!

  2. Haha this post made me giggle. Glad you are having all of these fun, quirky preggo symptoms and sharing them with us. Makes me look forward to the day I have my own. Also, former IF patients should totally get more ultrasounds than normal. I mean, you deserve to see your baby every day after all you’ve been through.

    • I think that for the price we pay for IF treatments, they should include a personal ultrasound machine! It’s their own fault for making us so dependent on them to begin with!

  3. Congrats on 15 weeks – it’s hard to believe you are so far into this, and it makes me so excited that you are!
    Enjoy your search for the best curry! I’m not even pregnant, but I think that sounds like a wonderfully yummy search! 🙂

    • It was the same for us! I introduced her to a few Thai things and she really liked it. We used to have Thai all the time, but there was one random time that her face swelled up and her throat started to close. We have no clue what ingredient caused it, and she’s been too scared to eat Thai ever since. (Understandably!) Such a bummer because it was the one vaguely “adventurous” thing I could get her to eat!

  4. I love curry too- all kinds. I hope you find the one that hits the spot! I’m sorry you aren’t looking bumpish yet. I hope your belly rounds out soon. Sore boobs suck. At least if they weren’t sore, their increase in size could be fun?

  5. I love this post. Go ahead and eat lots of curry! It has veggies, and anti-inflammatory stuff like red pepper and ginger. Yum. It was funny because today was the first day that I felt I could eat allllll day long, so seeing your post made me happy! I hope you get your pregnant belly soon and get to see your little one soon too!

    • I am already sitting here trying to decide where I’m going to pick up some curry for lunch today. I’ve been eating that turkey kale soup since Sunday. I have earned my curry! LOL Enjoy your appetite. It was so wonderful when food started sounding appealing again rather than just obligatory. I hope this means you’re on the way to feeling better!

  6. Enjoy while you can. Hopefully you won’t get heartburn, but if it does become a symptom Indian food isn’t too kind. I had very spicy Thai and Indian food shortly before the baby was born, we attribute the Indian two days earlier to inducing labor– keep that in mind in 24 weeks.

    • I am sure the heartburn is coming, so I’m hoping I can get the curry fix out of the way before I get to that stage! My cousin said the same thing about spicy food giving labor a bit of a nudge. I will be all over that–guaranteed!

  7. It’s so funny how different cravings are. I didn’t have hardly any cravings while I was pregnant, but the idea of thai, indian, curry, etc was absolutely revolting the entire time.

    • So far, my revolting thing has been Mexican food, which is sad because it is honestly one of my favorite things. Now I can’t even think about it without cringing. Pregnancy is seriously bizarre!

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