NT Scan – 12w5d

*Warning – Ridiculous amount of happy pregnancy gushing ahead*

I figured out a magical cure for bad days: Ultrasounds. I wish I could schedule one for every bad day, because this one turned my (work-related) frown upside down faster than you can say, “And there’s the heartbeat.” (158 today!) (Also–knock wood because I know all too well from personal experience that not every ultrasound is a happy one.)

Is it weird to be totally in love with a genetic evaluation? Because I am in love with the NT scan. That was seriously so cool. 20 minutes in a dark room with my baby wiggling around on a giant screen mounted for my viewing pleasure. Brain, heart, spine, bladder—I got to see all of the parts. It was amazing.

The NT measurement itself was well under the point that causes concern. I think she said they want a max of 3 and ours was 1.4? Something like that. I honestly don’t remember. I was too distracted by wiggling arms. We’ll have to wait until my doctor reviews all of the anatomical scans to see if there’s any cause for concern regarding anything else.

To top off my complete baby high, Catch and I agreed on a girl name yesterday, and I am over the moon with what we have now. We’ve had a boy name picked out for years, but the girl name was more complicated. In the end, she randomly agreed to my absolute favorite name in the world, even though she had said no previously. Perhaps the last 10 weeks of physical misery I’ve been experiencing helped weaken her resolve.

So not only do we have fantastic names picked out for this little monster, but I am starting to believe that we could actually have a real baby in 27-ish weeks. And a wiggly one at that! PLUS, I finally got the ultrasound picture I’ve been hoping for—goodbye alien seamonkey, hello baby!


My brother had this to say:


PS – I am having a really hard time referring to this baby in neutral terms because in my mind, “it” is totally a “she.” I’ve felt that way since the very beginning, and so has Catch. Unfortunately, we have a long wait ahead of us to find out for sure!


25 thoughts on “NT Scan – 12w5d

  1. So glad it went well! We actually didnt do an NT scan which sometimes freaks me out but most of the time doesnt. I figure if he had seem anything at our 13 week appt he would have said something.

    Im super jealous of your super clear pic though! I hope i get one of those next week!

  2. Hey, look at that baby! Definitely gotta get a comparison shot for side-by-side composite after kiddo’s first baseball game.

    Exciting to have names picked out. Lime and I also agreed on a boy’s name much sooner than a girl’s name. Hope things continue to go smoothly for you all!

    • It’s crazy how much easier the boy names were for us. And we really want a boy so it’s not like we were putting more weight on the name for one sex than the other. We just totally didn’t agree on girl names! I can’t wait to find out which of those names you ended up needing!

  3. Congrats Molly! I’m so glad you got the chance to have a nice walk through of his/her anatomy, and that everything looks good. How long do you have to wait to find out if it is a she or a he? I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  4. We didn’t have an NT scan because the genetic screening pre implantation pretty much rules that stuff out, but the anatomy scan was AMAZING. It’s so neat to see them moving around and having actual human parts. So amazing!
    La and I also agreed more easily on a boy name, which is great since that’s what we’re having. We have effectively put off the girl name debate for a while, anyway!
    You said “not until the middle of february” and I realized how time feels SO different depending on where you’re at in pregnancy. a few months ago, 6 weeks would have felt forever away to me too, and now I feel like I’m on a bullet train headed for I-Don’t-Know=-What-The-Fuck-I’m-Doingville, and february feels so so so close. Ah, perspective!
    So glad you had a happy ultrasound day!

    • I feel better knowing we have the anatomy scan still (eventually) so Catch can be there–and everything will be bigger and baby-er! So exciting! She missed this one and it killed me. She would have loved it. I’ve gotta say–the first trimester has DRAGGED. I have felt every last second of it. I do have a feeling things will start to pick up in the coming weeks because we’re going to have to start thinking about moving and then actually doing it–which, you know–insanity. In reality, the middle of February will probably be here sooner than I’d like. I can’t believe how close you are! It really seems like your pregnancy has flown by. When you mentioned the week you posted your tests every day, it really felt like yesterday!

      • Ha! One of my friend’s said “pregnancy goes by really fast when it isn’t yours!” and I realized she’s so right. I honestly can’t believe you’re at 12 weeks already, either. So, I think when it’s your own, it drags – almost always!

  5. We were all so certain that our bug was a girl, by the end of my pregnancy I started using male pronouns because I wanted to prepare myself just in case! I didn’t realize how much I wanted a girl until the relief hit me when she was born 🙂
    Glad to see things went well with the ultrasound!

  6. Ohhh great profile shot! Love the bro picking the baseball cap lol. We have a host of different names for either gender and will wait till baby is born to see what suits best. I do have a favourite boy and girl name though that will probably be used in their names somewhere but not sure if for a first or middle name. 3 weeks (possibly today) till our 20wk scan where I hope baby will reveal it’s gender!

  7. That is amazing! He/she is so beautiful! Now it’s my turn to be jealous becasuse we’re not having a NT scan 😦 My fiance feels like we’ve had so many ultrasounds already and the other genetic testing was normal so we opted out. Now i want one!!! I love the baseball hat too, but i hope you have a irl since that’s what you want! And of course so we can have girls together!

  8. That was hands down my favorite scan! We had ultrasounds pretty much every week aince 23 weeks and that 16 week anatomy scan was my favorite! For us it was 40 minutes (20xbaby) of bliss!!! So glad you got to see your baby (and that we do too 😍😁) . You got yourself a little cutie!!!

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