St. Francis walks into a bar with a turtle & an Italian kid…

My mother in law says that if you have a bad dream, you need to tell people about it—that way it won’t come true.

That said, I had a dream last night that I miscarried. Without getting too detailed, the miscarriage revealed that I was never pregnant with a real baby, but was in fact carrying a small statue of St. Francis, a ceramic turtle, and a little figurine of an Italian boy.

As ridiculous as I know this dream is in the light of day, it didn’t seem so ridiculous at 4 o’clock this morning and I woke up really feeling that loss. Not the greatest way to start the day.

Fortunately, we get to see our little monster again tomorrow afternoon when I meet with my OB for the first time. I’m half excited and half terrified. I keep wondering why on earth we decided to tell everyone so soon and wishing we’d waited—but I know why we told when we did, and we had good reasons. I just need to work on keeping things in perspective. Losing one baby does not automatically mean losing both. The odds are in our favor on this one.

Cross your fingers for us that we get to end 2014 on a happy note tomorrow and that we won’t find St. Francis or any of his friends hanging out anywhere near my uterus.


13 thoughts on “St. Francis walks into a bar with a turtle & an Italian kid…

  1. I am so hopeful that you will get amazingly great news tomorrow! And it’s not often I can say this (actually, I never thought I would say this), but I am 100% confident that you will not find a small statue of St. Francis, a ceramic turtle, and a little figurine of an Italian boy.
    Love to you and wishing you the absolute best!

    • It’s exciting to finally be seeing the OB! Not that my RE isn’t fantastic, but I have so many OB questions at this point. She’s going to think I’m a crazy person. I am starting to feel a little bit better, I think–although the tiredness has reached new levels the last week or so. I was seriously asleep more hours than I was awake last weekend! Nausea is definitely improving. I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel on that end. How are you feeling? The sea bands still doing the trick?

      • Sea bands are still working although I am getting some break-through nausea in the evenings. Also super tired. I’ve had some time off work this week and been taking coma-like naps most days, and going to bed super early.

  2. Dreams can be so vivid… Its so hard to feel like everything is okay once you’ve had a miscarriage. I’m hoping you get a wonderful New Years gift and can’t wait to see your ultrasound pics!

  3. Rub that tacky Mary statue for good luck preggo mama! Get used to the f-ed up dreams. Did you read my birth story post? Moments before my water broke I dreamt I was running down the street naked and pregnant.

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