All the Fun of Mexico, Minus the Vacation and the Tequila

Pregnancy is so bizarre. Three hours ago, I was sitting at my desk with tears in my eyes clutching my trash can and pleading with my body not to be sick while my cheeks quivered and the room spun in circles. An hour later, I was eating every last drop of a steak quesadilla with spicy salsa. Now, I am hoping upon hope that I do not live to regret that stupid quesadilla that I absolutely had to have rightthatverysecond.

Yesterday, I battled Nausea (it’s a monster and I’m capitalizing it because monster names are proper nouns) all day (and night) except for the point when I spotted a bag of peach gummy candy while shopping on my lunch break and could not stop eating it. I ate the entire bag, minus two… because that somehow makes it better, right? It’s like subconsciously, I thought I would save face if I could at least say that I didn’t eat the entire bag, but really? I pretty much did.  And then it was right back to Nausea for the rest of the day/night.

That said, I guess it’s pretty obvious that “morning” sickness has made a comeback despite my regular worship of Unisom and B6 supplements. This leads me to believe that my brief reprieve from Nausea was actually the result of decreasing HCG after we lost B and not a result of the drugs. Sorry Unisom/B6—I know I told my RE last week that you were a miracle, but that was before Nausea came back with a vengeance on Thursday and everything started to make sense.

I spent part of the morning reviewing charts of HCG levels with Dr. Google. Our research has shown that both Nausea and HCG seem to peak around week 9 and then slowly taper off from there. All of my eggs are in that one VERY hopeful basket, so please do not attempt to invalidate my research by telling me that you are 39.5 weeks pregnant and still feel like you’re lost at sea on a catamaran in a monsoon with a hangover. And in case you’re wondering, I have been lost at sea on a catamaran in a monsoon with a hangover* (ok, not LOST, but there was zero visibility) and it feels exactly like early pregnancy–terrifying, nauseating, and totally out of control. If this is as bad as it’s going to get and it doesn’t stay this bad for too long, I will live. If it’s going to get worse than today, I would like to be knocked unconscious until it gets better—because if you have ever thrown up while snorkeling because you were seasick and hung over* (don’t be ashamed—you’re not alone) you know what this feels like, and it is AWFUL.

*Someday, remind me to tell you all about that fantastic memorable family trip to Mexico.


32 thoughts on “All the Fun of Mexico, Minus the Vacation and the Tequila

  1. The nausea is the worst! My OB speculates it’s excacerbated by progesterone. Fun, right? Are you on diclegis or unisom/b6? Diclegis is basically the same thing but in a time release form and you can add a pill in the morning and one in the afternoon to really control the nausea. I added the morning one while i was at Disney and it REALLY helped. Now i’m just suffering late afternoon into evenings, which is a vast improvement from the all-day sickness. You’ll get past this hurdle and it will seem like a distant memory in no time! 🙂

    • I haven’t tried diclegis yet. I don’t see my OB until the 31st, unfortunately. If I still feel this lousy next week before Christmas, I’m going to call and beg. It’s just that I’ve never even met my new OB, so it feels weird to call and ask for drugs before I even meet the lady!

      • Ask your RE? That’s who prescribed it for me. Although for the record, I’m pretty sure the OB’s office is used to requests like that since prenatal appts happen so far into MS.

  2. You poor thing! I never got the nausea really bad during my pregnancies (it’s okay to hate me for that!), but my sister sure did. I really hope yours subsides soon so you can get some relief!

    • When I’m feeling my worst, I think of my friend at work who was throwing up 10+ times a day even with zofran, and it helps put it in perspective. It could be worse!

  3. My morning sickness was basically gone by week 12-13, therfore i am willing into existence that yours will be too! Feel better!

  4. OH also-if you do diclegis GET THE COUPON OFF THE WEBSITE. If your insurance is anything like mine they won’t cover it. I paid $100 a month with that coupon, which was better than the $430 it would have cost…

  5. This time last year I was in your boat. Couldn’t eat anything except items which were 90% cheese, and, weirdly Christmas pudding. An entire Christmas pudding with over 1000 calories in 2 days. It did get better shortly after the 10 week mark I think. I’d say eat what your body tells you to in the meantime and throw any thoughts of a healthy diet out the window. Do what you gotta do- eat that candy! 🙂

    • My health insurance company has me attending a first trimester nutrition class tonight. Hah! Unless they’re going to tell me that sour candy is part of the pregnancy food pyramid, I think I’m not going to like what they have to say! 🙂

  6. Thank you for reminding me I do not miss this part. Hang in there just a few more weeks! Kind of similar to the peach candy- ginger chews (okay so maybe not as yummy) are supposed to help with nausea. Also for heart burn, but you probably aren’t there yet.

    • I actually bought a bag of the ginger chews at the same time as the peach gummies. I love ginger, but these taste AWFUL. They do help for a few minutes, though, so I’ve been trying to force them on myself when I start reaching for the trash can!

  7. I totally relate to this post, I’ve been so sick I’m puking, then eating everything in sight. It’s so weird to be so hungry and so sick at the same time! My Nausea peaked last weekend (9 weeks) when i was throwing up, but it’s gotten a little better this week. I’m so sorry about B. I hope Nausea leaves you alone soon. Also, my pants are sooo tight. Next week I’m going to have to shop for some maternities. Enjoy a Christmas of having a wonderful excuse to eat! You can be healthy in the second tri.

    • I’m glad to hear the nausea is a little better now. That gives me hope! I’m really hoping not to be this miserable for Christmas. My RE offered Zofran at my last appointment and I’m thinking of taking her up on it tomorrow. We’re spending the weekend at my in-laws so if it helps me function like a normal person for a few days, I’m going to consider giving it a shot. My pants are getting too tight, too! Usually they’re ok in the morning, but by late afternoon I’m pretty uncomfortable. I’m disappointed because I ordered a couple of those bands online figuring I could at least unbutton my work slacks and wear a band, but the stupid bands aren’t tight enough to hold my pants up. I might brave Old Navy on my lunch break today. I’d love to have at least one comfortable pair of pants to wear over Christmas!

      • Totally! I wore a band out to dinner Saturday night amd it was actually too tight. It’s my sister’s, so maybe its a smaller size. What brand are yours? I think trying Zofran is a good idea, may as well! I hope your sickness gets better soon.

      • The ones I got are Belly Button–they have a button & button holes on the inside so you can actually attach it to your pants. Great in theory, but they definitely run large.

      • I think I saw those online. Im sorry they’re not working yet! It sounds nice though, i didnt like how the one i have put pressure on ny belly, and I’m not even big yet!

      • Aww, that’s kind of fun! I have a belly to begin with, so I already plan my wardrobe around “hide the belly.” At this point, no one would have a clue except my straining waistband!

      • People may not know you’re pregnant for awhile then! Do your family and friends know? Ive told all of my close friends, family and coworkers but not my extended family. IVF was so planned and i already had a MC so it wasnt much of a secret.

      • We’ve told a handful of people. Our parents know, and a few very close friends and family know. I really really want to tell my grandmother when I see her on Christmas Eve, but that means telling the whole family because there’s no such thing as a secret in that crowd. We’ll see how tomorrow’s ultrasound goes, I guess. If everything looks good, we may just go ahead with the Christmas plan. I’m hesitant, though.

      • I understand the hesitancy, but Christmas Eve sounds like such a nice time to tell everyone. If the ultrasound goes well, maybe you can announce to everyone; we’ll be 11 weeks by then!

  8. I, too, only seem to want to eat supremely unhealthy things. Today i actually had a veggie sub from Subway- first veggies in days. At this point it’s just about eating whatever I can manage. Very little actual vomiting, though, so I am thankful for that! Been thinking of you lots, glad to read this update!

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