The Next Jay Z

Have I ever mentioned how our donor’s headline on his profile was, “The Next Jay Z”?  Fortunately, I see beyond headlines.  Also, I have a hard time imagining a redheaded, blue eyed white boy to be anything even remotely Jay Z.  This unfortunate headline was some poor cryobank copywriter’s idea of funny.  Apparently, our donor can rap, and apparently, the cryobank has never heard of Vanilla Ice.

Anyway, one of the nurses who is usually in the room with me for my scans was cracking Jay Z jokes this morning.  I think it’s hilarious that she even remembers that I mentioned that about our donor, because it must have been at least 6 months ago.

So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the (hopefully) future offspring of The Next Jay Z:

Baby A

Baby A

And Baby B (for Beyonce, perhaps?)

Baby B

Holy shit, there are two of them.  High fives to all of you who called it–Catch included!

At 5 weeks, 4 days, Baby A already has a yolk sac to show off.

Baby B isn’t ready to show us a yolk sac yet, but the doctor wasn’t concerned.  She told us that seeing one this early is kind of a bonus and that she doesn’t count on it.  Next week’s scan will give us more information, and we’ll have a much better idea as to whether Baby B plans to stick around.

As for the bleeding, the doctor speculates that it’s courtesy of the suppositories (which is what I’ve been trying to tell myself all along), so depending on today’s blood work, we’re going to explore increasing the dose of PIO and decreasing the suppositories.

I am in shock.  Complete shock.  If I didn’t have to work today, chances are good you’d find me paralyzed on my couch muttering “holy shit” over and over again.

Don’t get me wrong–I am grateful.  So grateful.  I am relieved that we had ANYTHING to see on the screen today, let alone TWO somethings.  I’m just–well–I mean, there’s TWO.  Holy shit.


63 thoughts on “The Next Jay Z

    • Thank you! At this point, all I want is a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby or babies. I never wanted two, but Catch ALWAYS wanted two, and given everything I’ve put her through, she deserves to win this one!

    • Don’t be jealous! I am totally freaking out!!! My wife has wanted twins from day 1, so she’s ecstatic, but now I feel like I just have ANOTHER thing to worry about! Can’t wait to see how your scan goes tomorrow! SO exciting!

      • Thanks. I cant concentrate on work just being excited for you! Im hapoy for your wife. Totally understand your hesitation; carrying twins can be difficult. Its also a blessing and medicine is so advanced today, you’ll get through it. I know it’ll be hard to work today! Good luck and enjoy the ride! Now you’ve gotten me excited for 11:30 tomorrow!!!

    • It’s definitely exciting–and terrifying!!! Catch has wanted two since the very beginning and after everything I’ve put her through, she deserves to win this round. I hope she gets her wish. I’ll get used to the idea, I’m sure!

      • I don’t know how many kids you eventually want, but I always figured that having twins would be the ideal way to get to our dream of two kids. (You know, way back when I was innocent and niave to the world).
        I’m wishing you both the best and am excited to see how the next chapter in your lives unfolds! 🙂

      • I was an only child growing up. I always told my mom that if she gave me a sibling, I was running away! I really only figured we’d ever have one, just because that was my experience. I loved being an only child! Catch, on the other hand–not so much. First she wanted none, and then suddenly it was two… and then, why not just have them both at the same time! I love my wife, but sometimes I think she is insane!

      • I think Mr. MPB is slightly insane at least once a day, and I guarantee he feels the same way about me. I figure that’s a sign of true love, because honestly if it weren’t for his insane quirks there’s no way I’d love him like I do. 🙂

  1. Yes yes yes yes!! Double the fun! I’m so excited for you guys 🙂
    Also TOTALLY almost used that donor and decided against it because my wife thought the Jay-Z thing was weird lol … there are only so many redhead donors eh?!

    • Haha… that is so funny! You’re right, though–only so many redheaded donors! This one’s baby/childhood pictures were what ended up winning me over. We had two other first picks before we looked at pictures, but they were both SO scary white. Practically transparent. I already know we’re going to need to buy stock in the sunscreen companies, so I figured we’d pick the guy with a bit more pigment!

  2. Absolutely Over. The. Moon. For you and Catch. Will be thinking good thoughts for a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies. Thank you for letting me peek into your journey.

    • Thank you! I have a friend with twins, too, and I have to admit, it’s pretty fun watching them grow up. I know she was miserable when they were babies, but now that they’re older, she just has a blast with them.

  3. Holy shit! Congrats! I tend not to play the twin speculation game, but looks like it panned out for you! SOOOO EXCITED! Did they give you a due date yet?

    • I’m in your camp! I wasn’t willing to believe the twin thing until I saw it on an ultrasound… and then I saw it on an ultrasound. Hah. No official due date yet, but the internet has informed me it would be July 18th if I went full term, which is doubtful if both of these baby blobs sprout heartbeats. It’s kind of funny, as much as I was adamantly opposed to the idea of having twins, now that I’ve seen them on the screen I’m kind of attached. I hope they both stick around. 🙂

    • Thank you! We did transfer two. I knew the risks, but I had a hard enough time believing one would stick around–I really never imagined we’d end up with two. It’s exciting, though. I hope Baby B sticks around.

  4. You best knit at double speed mrs! Congratulations!
    When my RE told me I had two nestled in my exact words were … “Are you shitting me?!” I’m very composed and sweet normally!
    I can’t wait to read your continued positive posts! Belly rubs!

    • I had no idea you’re pregnant with twins! I seriously couldn’t believe it, either. I feel like my reaction wasn’t appropriate because I was in total shock! I’m afraid to break out the knitting just yet, though. I have this irrational fear that I’m going to jinx it. I know that’s ridiculous, but sometimes there’s no fighting my brain!

      • I’m 13weeks4days and still a total nervous nelly about everything! I’ve gone very very quiet generally! Like you said I just feel if I admit it outloud I’ll put a huge jinx on it! I’m waiting for my Harmony test results and I’m hoping that’ll give me a wee bit more reassurance! My hubby thinks I’ll be in labour and still not admitting I’m preggers! I just related SO much to your post and am SO pleased for you I had to comment! Congrats again!!!

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