Note to Self: Bring Snacks

Oh my… what a weekend. I could sure use a real one now just to sleep.

My sister in law flew in on Friday evening, and we had a late dinner with Catch’s cousin and aunt. It was after 10 when we left the restaurant, which is already past my bed time these days.

On Saturday at noon, we attended the big Catholic wedding where I came completely unraveled at the seams. The ceremony was nice, although I must say that there is nothing quite like sitting on a hard wooden church pew for an hour with an ass that is already sore courtesy of daily progesterone injections. I was wishing I’d brought a pillow, although I imagine that would have been difficult to explain.

We headed to the reception around 1:15. I was STARVING. I meant to pack myself a few little snacks in my purse, but I totally spaced when we left the house. They had a few appetizers out for the cocktail hour, but it was mostly cold cut sandwiches, which are off limits to me for the next 35 weeks. By 2:30 when the bridal party finally entered the reception, the appetizers were gone. I was still starving, but I figured they’d feed us soon. THEY DID NOT SERVE DINNER UNTIL ALMOST 5 PM. Then, my table was the last to be called to the buffet line, so I got to watch as everyone else in the hall loaded up their plates and sat down to eat. MISERY, folks. It was pure misery. I have never been to a wedding where people had to sit around for hours and hours before they were fed.

The side effect to having a bar open for hours before you feed anyone is that everyone is trashed before dinner is served. Catch’s family is a drinking family. They were posing for pictures with a bottle of Jack Daniels.  You can imagine how much fun it is to be the sober introvert at the table with a bunch of loud, outgoing drunk people. It was even worse because the music was so loud (even during dinner) that it was impossible to hear anyone. By 6:30, I was DONE. I was uncomfortable (sore ass in a wooden folding chair for 5+ hours) and exhausted. My hormones were RAGING. I went from zero to BITCH in the blink of an eye, and the next thing I knew I was outside screaming at my wife demanding the car keys so I could go home. We got into a huge fight, and I’m not even sure what it was all about. I did leave for a while but came back later to pick up Catch and my SIL.

Seriously though. Noon wedding. 1 pm reception. No food until 5? They didn’t even cut the cake until after 6 pm. It was the never ending reception! Half of the crowd left right after dinner, and we hadn’t even seen the first dance or anything yet. UGH. Someone needs lessons in event planning. (Granted, I may be a bit of a snob because I have a fair amount of event planning experience.)

Early Sunday morning, I had a horrible dream that involved my belly swelling to the size of a blimp in 5 seconds flat as I gushed blood. I had been saving my last digital pregnancy test with the weeks estimator for reassurance in a weak moment. I fully expected to be able to see a 3+ given that my betas were so high last week, but the damn thing only gave me a 2-3. Of course, that sent me into a total tailspin because despite being exhausted and hungry (which could mean nothing), I still have no pregnancy symptoms at all.

I am trying not to stress about it. My first date with the dildocam is on Wednesday morning. In the meantime, there is absolutely nothing I can do to change anything that’s happening with my body, and I have no choice but to just go with the flow. There is no use worrying about things that are beyond my control. All I can say is that if the universe would consider sending a little bit of breast tenderness my way, I’d be grateful. That or just let me sleep until 8:45 on Wednesday.

That was a very long-winded way of saying that this weekend was UGH. I hope yours was better!


14 thoughts on “Note to Self: Bring Snacks

  1. Ugh, that sounds awful! I’ve been to weddings where there was a full hour between the end of service and food and so. many. people. bailed! I can’t imagine _5_ hours! How many people even stayed that long?? And what in all Hades were they doing to their guests for 5+ hours? That’s insane. I’m sorry you had to endure that, but very glad for you that it’s over.

  2. Wowzers! That sounds like a pretty…interesting…wedding to say the least. I’ve been to some pretty,dare I say terrible ones myself. We learned fairly quickly that we needed to keep some Granola Bars or nuts, or chips or a fruit in Callie’s purse or my murse when we went out in case we got caught out there doing something and didn’t have the opportunity to get her something to eat. Otherwise, watch out! And try not to worry about no symptoms…Callie didn’t have a single symptom and she was totally twinning…Perhaps?!?!

    • I guess we’ll find out on Wednesday what’s going on in there! I am dying to know! I’m still rooting for a singleton, though!

      And as of today, my purse contains a granola bar. We’ll see how long it lasts! 🙂

  3. Snacks for sure. I keep peanut butter crackers in my desk and chex mix in my purse. I think I also have a lindor truffle (or two), an applesauce pouch, and a hershey’s kiss floating around in my purse as well!

  4. Also, my family is catholic too, so i FEEL your pain on the long weddings. I’m a methodist personally, and Chief and I’s wedding was maybe 10 minutes. maybe. I remember hearing multiple of my catholic uncles and male cousins going “man, I barely sat down before it was time to go-that’s the way to have a wedding!”

  5. That wedding sounds miserable. what do you even DO for that many hours? Sorry it exploded! Being hungry and exhausted are totally pregnancy symptoms! They were the only ones I had for the first few weeks – stay strong! And snacks – yes! a few! I brought a lunch bag with me until 12 weeks because it was either a cheese stick or barf. Try to go protein heavy with the snacks, too – cheese, nuts, stuff like that. ❤ sending love until dildo date!

  6. I am so sorry you had to starve, that’s never a good idea for anyone, let alone a pregnant lady! Snacks are a must! Store them everywhere – desk, bed side table, car, purse, etc. Heck, I haven’t been pregnant in months, yet I know I still have snacks in my bed side table (note to self, they are probably stale by now). 🙂
    Wishing you calm until your appointment and the best possible news on Wednesday!

  7. My wife can attest to the 0 –> raging bitch transformation that occurs when I am hungry. I have Celiac disease, so most places where people count on having a snack available (meetings, social gatherings), I have to count on nothing being edible for me. Most times we just calorie load me up prior to going out, but there have been times where there was no food availability or big gaps of time, so we ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS pack me a 300 calorie snack for the car. Things like nuts, granola bars, cheese strings, fruit, jerky, and a bottle of water are good. Don’t just pack one snack. Pack MANY. You will run out, or forget, or whatever, and as my wife will tell you, IT’S JUST NOT WORTH BEING UNPREPARED. Lol. Long weddings are painful. That’s why I don’t go to the ceremonies anymore, just the receptions. People don’t seem to care, and I’m not super exhausted and cranky by the end of the night. Fingers crossed for your ultrasound! I’m anxious to find out if BOTH embryos took! Good luck!

  8. Oh that wedding organising sounds painful. I’m surprised you lasted so long! I’m now 9 weeks and for the last week and a half I am needing to eat protein every 2 hours or I start retching. It’s a freaking mission – especially since I’m pescetarian (e.g. eat fish and seafood but no meat). At least I’m mainly working from home. Got to go get a before bed snack now actually!

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