Waiting Again

I feel like I’ve spent this whole week waiting on edge for the results of one blood test or another. Surprisingly, I am more anxious about the results of this morning’s progesterone test than I was for Wednesday’s beta. I would really like to have something to show for my poor sore rear end. I don’t think double digits are too much to ask.

Hey universe—can we add a few points to that meager 8.5? I would be much obliged.

My sister in law is flying in tonight from Colorado and staying with us for the weekend so we can all attend a big family wedding tomorrow. A big, Catholic family wedding. In a church. With a priest. My favorite kind. <— Note sarcasm. I am tired just thinking about it. Think anyone will notice if I nap during the mass?

Fortunately, we told my SIL about our positive test right away, so I don’t need to feel awkward when she’s here with us. She has known all along that we’ve been trying, and Catch deserved to have someone who is not stressing over test results to be happy with. At least that means I don’t have to hide the suppositories that are in the refrigerator—or the needles and the sharps container.

I am still having a really hard time believing that I’m pregnant. It’s totally surreal. I can’t wrap my head around it. I’m sure it will sink in a bit better when we see what’s going on in there at Wednesday’s scan. In the meantime, I am going to just keep reminding myself that this is absolutely real.  I’m also trying to keep myself from waiting for the other shoe to drop.

P.S. For the past few days, I have been RAVENOUS. I eat, and then I am hungry again less than 2 hours later. It’s 10:30, and I am contemplating eating part of my lunch. I expected nausea, but is hunger a “thing” this early? This is getting a bit ridiculous!


12 thoughts on “Waiting Again

  1. Listen to your body. Give it whatever food it wants so when you start being unable to eat you’ll have built up a bit of a reserve (in theory lol). There were times when I did get really hungry, especially for meat. But this time around I didn’t get that. Seems like it’s a crap shoot every time. The fatigue hit pretty early too. Good luck with the wedding (and the waiting!)

  2. Commisserating with you on the waiting front, sister! I’ve never felt hungry with any pregnancy until this one (even the one successful one, I wanted to puke until 23 weeks so hunger was not a “thing”!). Hunger this early can be due to multiples in your case or just because you have a healthy, viable pregnancy for which the PIO is going to provide extra support and with which all will be well. I have so instructed the Universe. Thanks for listening, Universe. Keep this up and you get a raise.

    • The universe better be good to both of us today, or it’s going to have some serious explaining to do! I honestly have a good feeling for both of us. I don’t often have those, so I really feel like it means something. May the hours pass quickly!

  3. I hope you get wonderful results! I’ve never been to a Catholic wedding even though my husband’s family is Catholic. I hope it’s not too bad. I think I was pretty hungry when I was first pregnant. As for not feeling pregnant, give it some time. It will happen. Hugs!

  4. I’ve had hunger start as early as week 5, so I wouldn’t worry about that being a problem right now. Eventually from weight gain perspective your doctors might be concerned, but that’s a long ways away. My theory is just try to eat healthy.
    I don’t envy your waiting, but I am hoping for a magically quick increase in the number!!

  5. Yeah, I would go through bouts of extreme hunger starting early on— it would come and go throughout much of the pregnancy. Then there were times I wasn’t hungry at all or the nausea made it difficult to keep food down. Listen to your body and feed your needs.

  6. Callie ATE and ATE and ATE in her first trimester…in the second, she barely ate anything, and now in the third she is a food savage! SAVAGE I tell you! She barely puts a plate down before she says, ‘That didn’t do it…i still want something!” Just listen to your body..if it says eat, then eat! Eat the whole fridge…don’t deny that tiny human what it want!

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