Beta #2

Just to refresh your memory, beta #1 was 617 at 11dp5dt.

Beta #2 is 2498 at 13dp5dt.

That’s a doubling time of 23.79 hours, which seems a bit high?  No?

So that’s good news. Right?

The bad news is that despite my 3x a day suppositories and every 3rd day injection of PIO, my progesterone is only 8.5.  No bueno.  That’s scary low.

So, to deal with that, we’re increasing injections to once a day, and I’m still doing the suppositories 3x a day.  Repeat blood work on Friday morning.  First scan a week from today.

My nurse said not to freak out because sometimes the body just doesn’t like the suppositories.  Her exact words, “The injection will do the job, trust me.”  I really have no choice but to trust her.

Now please fall all over yourselves telling me that it’s going to be okay.

33 thoughts on “Beta #2

    • Sorry, meant to ask what dose of PIO you’re on? That P4 level is scary low. To reassure you, the suppositories (you are on dry micronized, not Prometrium, right?) do not result in any reliable measure of P4 blood levels meaning you could take a truckload of those and your blood levels could still be crap. PIO should be visible on a blood test but can fluctuate from hour to hour and day to day a fair bit according to my RI (mine’s ranged from 191 to 242 for example with no change in dosing this cycle). I don’t know how fast the PIO affects blood test results but I’d ask them to repeat on Monday even if Friday’s are looking better. About the cost to get these labs done, do you have a GP or OB you can ask to order them under your MSP so you don’t have to pay out of pocket? That’s what I did (on a standing requisition from my GP). All the best. I know the P4 is scary but I do really have faith this is going to be okay. Honest.

      • I’m doing 1cc daily starting 10 minutes ago. 🙂 You can bet it was the first thing I did when I got home from work. Unfortunately, my health insurance won’t touch any of this with a 10 foot pole, so we are on our own for all of the expenses until our clinic releases us. I was optimistic that we wouldn’t have issues like this! Hah. I’m really hoping the injections will do the trick and I can calm down a bit on Friday. I will definitely talk to them about repeating the labs on Monday as well. Thanks so much for your words of wisdom and your support!

  1. Oh and your nurse is absolutely right about the injections. I’m on them once a day (plus prometrium suppositories 1 in the morning and 2 at night) and my progesterone is in the upper-30s. So don’t worry about your P4. The PIO will do it’s thing.

  2. That is a super fabulous beta #2 and doubling time!! have you put it into betabase to get some perspective? I have also heard that the suppositories don’t show up in blood work, since they are so much closer to the ‘source’ so the PIO should up your P4 blood levels. I had to have my dose increased, and it always resulted in much better levels quite quickly!

    • Betabase gave me a little too much perspective! I’ve banned myself from the site as of now. I stabbed myself with that PIO as soon as I got home from work today, so let’s hope it starts working its magic ASAP!

  3. Those are great! And my doubling was pretty high, something like 28 hours and they said that’s great-nothing to be worried about. And I’m sure the progesterone is going to be fine. The vaginally suppositories don’t really get in your blood stream so I’m glad they’re upping your dosage, but I bet your little one is doing great 🙂

  4. I am learning all about it through reading all the blogs, but I can only imagine that when the beta goes up that high it (at least) means you’re pregnant. Can’t wait to hear more!

  5. Whoa lady, stupid WP didn’t have your posts in my Reader so I missed a lot. That’s a CRAZY beta. You have either the strongest baby ever in there or two. 🙂 Glad you have a plan for getting that progesterone up.

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