Bring on the beta

We are ready!


I am also ready for the day that I can sleep past 3 am and not be riddled with anxiety!

I had some more spotting on Friday, but I’m really convinced it’s from the progesterone suppositories. During the day I’m using dry powder capsules, and the powder doesn’t dissolve well. It’s probably just irritating my cervix. It’s really been just the tiniest bit of blood, and both times I noticed it a few hours after popping in my 2 pm pill. I am trying to be extra gentle with the damn things. If it happens again, I’ll ask to switch to oil. I hate the PIO injections, but not nearly as much as I hate seeing blood on the toilet paper.

That aside, I’m feeling pretty good. Tired (see 3 am) but really hopeful and excited! I will fill you all in on our beta results tomorrow, but I won’t get the results until sometime after 4 pm west coast time.

Happy Sunday!

24 thoughts on “Bring on the beta

  1. So exciting! Good luck with beta! I had irritation on cervix which caused bleeding & spotting my clinic even checked for UTI. They switched me to pessaries instead which were twice daily but much much better! xxx

  2. That’s a nice strong line. πŸ™‚ When are you going to relax about this pregnancy? I know everyone feels that they’re out of the woods at different points, I’m just wondering where your safe point is.

    • I think I’ll feel better once I have a solid second beta. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the bleeding, I’d be much more relaxed. It just really freaks me out when it happens regardless of whether there’s a perfectly logical reason for it. I am so ready to just relax & be happy! Hopefully it comes soon.

  3. Your hcg levels are definitely going up and up! You can try assured that you are truly pregnant! I have news for you though, insomnia is part of the first trimester anyway! I was only pregnant for 8 weeks last time, but I barely slept. Once the mornings sickness started id have to get up and have a snack, too. At least it’ll be for a good cause and not anxiety though! Good luck tomorrow, thinking of you πŸ™‚

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