The Daily Pee Stick


It’s so much darker today.  I’m going to try to just enjoy this one.  Worrying is eating me alive and I haven’t slept more than 4 hours once this week.  I need to channel my inner Disney princess and LET IT GO.

No matter what happens next week or the following weeks, right now, I am pregnant.  I’m so shocked, it’s almost like we didn’t even plan the hell out of this.

I am pregnant. Holy shit.

11 thoughts on “The Daily Pee Stick

  1. 🙂

    Seeeeee???? They darken more visibly over two days rather than one. Also I’m so jealous that you’re getting such good +’s on FRERs. I think I was 15dpo when I got like a FAINT + on an FRER. My Wondfos were much darker and made me feel a bit better. But at 12dpo when I got a + Wondfo and a stark white FRER and a “Not Pregnant” on a Clearblue…I couldn’t stop thinking chemical!

    Anyway. I’m glad your tests are darkening. 😀 So excited for you. Beta in a few days, so hang tough! And always remember the first beta isn’t important, it’s the doubling time. My first one at 12dpo was 54 and I was terrified because I was like “THAT IS SO LOW” but whatever.

    Why am I rambling? I am also sleep-deprived. Whoremone-induced panic/anxiety/insomnia last night. Blech. I’m losing it.

    Keep us informed, sweets. And yes, YOU ARE PREGNANT. Enjoy it because no matter what, at this very moment, you’ve got a baby growing inside you. ❤ ❤

  2. How amazing does it feel to finally have a second pink line? I remember how wonderful and surreal that was after so many stark white negatives. I just feel like singing “you are preeeegggnant, you are preeeggggnant!”

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