Spotting. Because sure. Why not?

Just as I was making peace with our little lines, I got home from work and started spotting.

What fun would the two week wait be without a bit of drama, eh? In the exact words of our clinic nurse, “Ekkkk.”

She said spotting could be normal, and that we’ll just have to wait and see. Nothing I didn’t already know. She recommended that I stay hydrated and keep off my feet as much as possible. Beyond that, I hold my breath and pray to every atom in the universe.

19 thoughts on “Spotting. Because sure. Why not?

  1. Hoping it’s good spotting, but spotting is always a scary feeling even if your brain tells you it could be normal. It can definitely be from implantation.

  2. Stupid spotting. It’s so common and so often nothing – but like you need the worry. C’mon time, pass! FWIW, my cousin had lots of spotting with her twin pregnancy early on, and was so sure it was a bad sign, but nay. Her boys are now 6 months old.

  3. Oh man, the nurse didn’t even have the compassion to say “come on in early for your beta”…she picked the wrong field! Definitely stay hydrated, though. Fingers crossed it stops and never comes back.

  4. Oh man! I’m sorry things got more complicated than they already were! As you know (but I’ll say again to help you believe it! ) that it really could mean nothing! What color and how much? And I agree that your nurse could have been a wee bit more compassionate! Sending you big love!

  5. I hope and pray that’s normal implantation bleeding. I wish you didn’t have to go through all this without a beta. Did you call your clinic? Sorry, I don’t mean to be pushy! Just sending you positive thoughts. Try to stay calm and distracted.

  6. It could totally be normal, and it could totally, umm, not…that’s the worst things about bleeding so early…but i’m praying that it’s good and that your little emby is getting nice and cozy in its new home…and that damn nurse! She is the worst!

  7. My various REs and current RI all warned me before each of my transfers that spotting is really common with IVF and FET and it’s only a cause for alarm if it’s heavy and accompanied by cramping and clotting and the other fun stuff we all associate with the evil M word. I have to say that more women than not among my online peers seem to have had it. If it’s light and intermittent I’m going with implantation or a cervix irritated or engorged by all the drugs your RE likely has you on. But I totally get the fear and I would be persistent about asking them to look at an early beta given your clearly positive HPTs. Hugs in the meantime and much strength during these anxious early days!

    • All I can do is hope you’re right! Logically, I know spotting is pretty common. If my tests were darker I might feel less defeated, but the combination is pretty cruel! You are the wise owl of my comments these days–thank you so much!

  8. In 2 of my 3 pregnancies, I spotted between 4-8 weeks pregnant. And both of those pregnancies ended in healthy babies being born. I’m assuming you’re on a progesterone supplement?

  9. Urgh, I’m sorry you’re having this added stress. It’s horrible when it could be a bad sign of could very well be a good/no need to worry sign. I’ve had a lot of spotting and light bleeding and I think that was from the pessaries I’m having. Are you on pessaries? Thinking of you x

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