10 Days…

There are 10 calendar days to kill until our FET. At my check on Friday morning, the labs were exactly where they should be, my ovaries were quiet, and my uterine lining was 6.something with the triple stripe they like to see. We’ll check everything one last time this coming Friday. I am trying my absolute hardest to CALM THE FUCK DOWN, but—well, it’s hard.


We spent the weekend camping at El Capitan State Beach, which is probably one of my all-time favorite places to go camping. It’s notoriously difficult to get a reservation—you have to plan many months in advance—but if you enjoy ocean scenery, it’s totally worth the wait.


This year, we camped at site #4. I had no idea what to expect because I’ve never stayed in this particular part of the campground before, and I don’t know that I’ll camp in that area again. We were right next to a dry ravine where a family of skunks have made themselves at home, and they didn’t think twice about strolling through our campsite. Once the sun set, we had to be on guard for every rustle of leaves. No way was I going to end up with two skunked dogs. Fortunately, we managed to avoid being sprayed, but it didn’t make for particularly relaxing evenings.


We weren’t as prepared for this trip as we usually are. Somehow we managed to forget the “camping box,” which is the precious container that holds all of the crucial elements—can opener, corkscrew, lighters, utensils, spices, etc. We also forgot dog food. Whoops. Once I sorted that out with a trip to the store, we thought we were done with surprises. And we were—for a few hours. Until we woke up Saturday morning and tried to put the water on the stove to make coffee and learned that our stove was broken. Propane was shooting straight out of the part that connects it to the stove. Fun.


Of course, as long as you have fire, you don’t NEED a stove, but we planned our meals around that damn stove, so things were a bit complicated. It’s hard to cook pancakes on an open fire. Oh well. We managed!


Complications aside, it was a nice weekend. The fresh air, sunsets, and stars were positively medicinal. I’m trying my hardest to hold on to that peace as we roll into another week.


Happy Monday, all.

20 thoughts on “10 Days…

  1. I love Colorado, but it would be truly perfect if it had an ocean. I’m jealous of these views – they look positively magical.
    I’m sending you peace, tranquility and serenity over the next 10 days. The week leading up to my FET was the most anxious I’d been in years. I used the Circle + Bloom meditation and it really helped. I don’t know if something like that would be beneficial? But somehow imagining my body doing what it should and trying to trust the universe/God/whatever that this was going to happen gave me some comfort. ❤

    • We talk often about moving to Colorado someday. It’s absolutely one of my favorite states. You’re right though–it’s totally lacking an ocean, and I would SO miss it. Although it helps Colorado’s case that my SIL & family have 1,000+ acres in the mountains. That’s pretty damn magical, too.

      I completely forgot about my Circle + Bloom meditations. I have the IVF series, so I could probably make that work for FET. I can’t believe I forgot all about it. Thank you for the reminder!

    • It’s always something on these trips! Keeps things interesting, I guess. I’ve started daydreaming about having a little trailer that’s always packed and ready to go so that these weekend trips don’t have to be so stressful!

  2. That looks like it was indeed the perfect soul restoring kind of break you needed! I LOVE that sunrise/set photo of your partner (?) and the dogs sitting down – it’s one to frame.

  3. These pictures are awesome. I wish there were a place around here to camp like that, but right now in new york the morning are about 40 degrees or so, so def not morning beach weather! So jealous! And just a few more days! So excited for you ladies!

    • We’re actually those crazy people who do camp in 40 degree weather! For now, anyway. I would love to have a little bald, 2-legged excuse not to freeze my ass off a few times a year!

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