The Reese’s Pieces

First, thank you so much for all of your kind words on our Goose. It meant a lot that so many of you stopped to say something thoughtful. We miss her so much. Twix wandered my mom’s house for an hour yesterday barking at every door and entryway trying to find her buddy. I wish there was a way for us to explain it to her.

CD 1 was Friday—the 5 year anniversary of our fake wedding. (We were legally married in 2008, we just didn’t tell anyone until our fake wedding.) I actually hadn’t even considered the date, and I just happened to wear my red Converse—aka, our wedding shoes. I don’t often wear them, so it was pretty random that I happened to pull them out that morning. I like little signs like that.

I headed to the RE yesterday to find out whether we’re moving full steam ahead for an embryo transfer this cycle or not. My ovaries and my lining were as they should be for CD 4, and they called last night to confirm that my blood work was also where it needed to be, so all systems are go!

I started taking estrace last night, and if everything goes according to plan, our transfer will be Thursday, October 30th. Just a little over 2 weeks away. Beta is scheduled for November 10th. In her email with the calendar, our nurse said that I have, “enough meds to get you through to your pregnancy.” As if it was a given.

I’ve mentioned before that our dogs’ names are Twix and Rolo. When we first learned that we’d have 7 embryos frozen, Catch started referring to them as the Reese’s Pieces. It sort of stuck. We’re both thoroughly amused right now that we’re transferring our Reese’s Pieces during Halloween candy season. Seems fitting, no?

I can’t say enough how freaked out I am about all of this. It’s pretty surreal that I actually have a shot at getting pregnant this month. For real. I haven’t had a two week wait since July. It’s not THAT much time, but it feels like it’s been ages.  I’m out of practice.  Fortunately, this particular two week wait will only be 11 days. 

If you have any experience taking estrace, I’d love to know what it did to you in terms of side effects. I guess I’ll know soon enough, but I’d love to be able to warn Catch of what she may be coming home to on Thursday.

16 thoughts on “The Reese’s Pieces

  1. That’s really exciting!!! I’m looking forward to hearing more about this! Are you a believer in one life out, on life in?! Just thinking about ur puppy…I read this book once, “The Art of Racing in the Rain”…if you get a chance to read it, do it!

    • You know, it’s kind of crazy but I had that thought almost immediately as Goose passed away. Years ago, my cousin was critically injured in a car accident and was air lifted and taken into surgery. About two hours into her surgery, my grandfather passed away. My cousin ended up making a full (albeit very Frankenstein-ish) recovery. It always felt like maybe he had to go so she could stay.

      I haven’t read The Art of Racing in the Rain yet because I feel like it’s just going to make me cry and I hate it when books make me sad like that! Marley & Me killed me. I was sitting on an airplane SOBBING. I am a big baby. LOL

      • I’ve always believed that theory, especially when it’s close family and there are these weird little things that remind you so much of the person that passed. And TAoRitR is amazing! It’ll make u ball your eyes out, but it’s an amazing story totally worth crying over. If u have a kindle, I can probably lend it to you…all I need is your email…

  2. I struggled with sleeping, although that could have been nerves too. I went to acupuncture leading up to transfer and used a small dose of melatonin until transfer, and it helped a lot.

    • Melatonin and I are BFFs. I used to tell Catch all the time that there is nothing in the world a glass of wine and a melatonin can’t fix. Turns out I was wrong, but it’s a nice thought, anyway 🙂

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