Suboptimal Outcomes

A million years ago in another lifetime, I got myself hooked on some infertility blogs. I was in my early twenties and single. Getting pregnant was the absolute farthest thing from my mind. No matter, though—I sat there scrolling through tens of thousands of words from women going through precisely the thing that I am going through right now. Was it some kind of subconscious intuition? Am I psychic? Probably not. Probably, I just really loved the drama. Also, the women whose blogs I followed back then were intelligent and witty and interesting.

So, I have been following Julie at A Little Pregnant for over a decade. That’s crazy, right? Oddly, I don’t believe that I have ever once commented on her blog. Mostly because back then, I was afraid to jump in amongst a crazy group of infertile women when I was just a casual observer who could not in any way fathom what they were going through. Now that I AM a genuine member of Club Infertility, she is a genuine parent—which can be just as hard to relate to when you’re sitting where we are.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, Julie posted a response to this article about the overuse of IVF technology. Her response is funny and poignant, and anyone who has stared or will stare IVF in the face should read it and enjoy a smile.

I hope that ten years from now, we’re all making school lunches for our own suboptimal IVF outcomes.


4 thoughts on “Suboptimal Outcomes

  1. In my college days, I stalked international adoption because I had a friend adopted from abroad, which I found fascinating. I really hope that isn’t what I put into the universe, you know, that I’m doing IVF. *fingers crossed*

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