Puppy Love

When Catch got home yesterday, Twix greeted her at the door with TWO apples in her mouth.  She had pulled a bag of apples off of the counter, and there were apples scattered all over the house and the yard.

When I got home yesterday, Twix greeted me at the door with an empty bag that once contained a full loaf of whole grain bread.  Her belly was so full it looked like a balloon about to pop.  That was a fun mess to deal with.

This, my friends, is life with basset hounds. Nothing is safe from the nose of a hound. Over the years, Twix has consumed:

  1. A bottle of red Nyquil – on the bed
  2. A box of chocolate cupcakes
  3. A bowl of Halloween candy
  4. The dinners of unsuspecting house guests
  5. At least 2 pounds of butter
  6. Enough platters of appetizers to cater a gathering of football players
  7. Vegan Thai curry AND tom yum gai soup
  8. A 3-lb roast
  9. A bag of Twix bars (in her defense, it did have her name on it)
  10. 3 squirrels
  11. Cat poop
  12. A baggie of pot followed by an entire pan of cornbread (it wasn’t ours!)
  13. An entire bag of dog food—in one sitting
  14. ANYTHING wrapped in tin foil
  15. The entire non-plastic contents of the trash can (x100000)

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have funded our veterinarian’s retirement over the years with these two hounds.

Regardless, they are my favorite brand of trouble. No matter what Twix gets herself into, she will always curl up with me in bed at the end of the day, scooting herself as close to me as she can possibly get. I can actually feel my heart rate decrease the moment she drapes her head over my legs. They are little monsters by day, and my saviors by night.  They give so much more than they take.

It’s hard not to love these two goofballs.

photo 1 (7) Rolo_running roly_santa_hat


DSC_0751 DSC_1212

10 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. My grandpa adored bassets, always had one, always named Heidi. lol I don’t know why. The last one he owned we got from a puppy mill rescue and she wasn’t right. I wish I had a picture, because there’s nothing like seeing a basset that’s easily twice as long and twice as tall as it should be. She was huge! And very smelly. But that poor dog, it wasn’t her fault. And my grandpa died so she didn’t even get out much.

    Looks like they are fun!

    • I had a dog named Heidi as a kid, not a basset though.

      About Twix, I’m impressed at her ability to into get stuff she really shouldn’t. All that chocolate must’ve been horrible.

  2. this made me laugh out loud and then I read it to my wife who also laughed out loud, particularly at the pairing of pot and cornbread. Moses is a particular fan of butter and raw pork chops. We’ve lost whole sticks and chops to him – sometimes in the same day – due to his houdini-like skills at digging them out from wherever we’ve hidden them.

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