High Anxiety

I have done everything I possibly can this weekend to keep myself from thinking about the welfare of our embryos. I do great during the day, but the minute my head hits the pillow, my heart starts racing.

Today, they are 5 days old. Today was supposed to be freezing day. Today is also a freaking holiday and I won’t know a damn thing about the status of our embryos until tomorrow.

I thought maybe we’d get a call today despite the holiday, but no such luck. I haven’t heard anything about them since Friday when there were 9. It is killing me.

I have no idea what to expect tomorrow. I broke my own rule and googled the shit out of it, but everyone’s results are so different.

Please, please please let there be good news tomorrow. We can’t take any more bad news right now.


16 thoughts on “High Anxiety

  1. I definitely understand the anxiety. Hugs! My wish for you is to get fantastic news tomorrow! ❤ You are definitely in my thoughts and I'm sending positive energy your way!

    • I feel like I’m in an abusive relationship with Dr. Google… he keeps beating me down, and I keep running back seeking his approval. SMH Thank you for the support! I’m going to be climbing the walls of my office if I don’t hear something soon!

  2. Oh girl, I’m holding you and Catch and those embryos so tight in the love . . .can’t wait to hear the great report! Deep breath in, and then out. repeat.

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